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Tamiya Porsche 928S


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i love all front engine porsches i would love to own this or a 924/944 someday

They were great cars ... I had five of them! :) A 77 924 with a Callaway turbo, a '81 924 Turbo, one the first year of the 944, a '87 .. the first year of the interior fix and a '91 944S ,, the last year it was made. All of them were driven all year round in Western Massachusetts. Finally I was able to get winter tires when I had the '84 and could get up the mountain road I lived on . eheh.

I do remember a 928 that was always at my mechanic's and had dash troubles all the time. I wouldn't want to pay the mechanic bills that one had.

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"stock wheels, blah im not 50."

I just turned 49...:)

Love the 928...still looks fresh today. I saw one the other day out on the road (later 928S4) and man did it stand out in traffic!!

The 924 was originally designed for VW, but due to market conditions, VW backed out. Porsche had it developed far enough that they marketed the car as a Porsche...the rest as they say is history!

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I'm loving the stanced 928. I remember you building your purple one with the 703 plate while I was working on my widebody version.

thanks, the purple one that was a rebuild of a beater i got a fresh revell 928 and 944 i wanna build side by side next year.

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Nice, I just started to look for one of these. This was my favorite Porsche back in the 80's. I'm not sure its the right model but I wanted to do the Porsche from Risky Business. (GLUB) :D

thats actually how i fell in love with the 928 first it was the look in weird science then the color in risky business
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Looking cool. love the color too. I may be in the minority, but I love the 928 too. I got tired of the same 911 design when I was 15. Not digging the wheels tho, but to each their own.

Does anyone make this car WITH an engine in 1:24

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