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Mini truck build....update Started


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Started on another Courier, the most recent reissue of the AMT kit with 2 wheel drive and aftermarket stepside bed. AMT/Ertl called it a '77 on the instruction sheet, but the truck is actually a '78 (slightly different grille and the parking/turn signal lamps are in the grille, not the bumper like on the '77).


The front suspension was modified, and the truck will run the five-spoke wheels from the Revell '50 Ford F-1 2-in-1 reissue. These wheels had the tire locator rib filed off to accommodate the Toyo Proxes tires from a Revell Ford Focus SVT.

So far, that's it. The kit I'm using had the engine missing, so I'm kicking around the idea of putting a 5.0 V8/five-speed combo from a Mustang in the truck. Guess we'll have to see!

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Went ahead and robbed the turbo rotary from a Tamiya second gen RX-7.


Other than removal of the mounting tabs from the oil pan and the fact that I had to cut a notch in the passenger's side inner fender to clear the turbo, fitting it in there wasn't a big deal.

I also made a 'billet' grille for it using some grooved Plastruct stock, some BMF, and a black wash.


I also had to cut a hole in the hood for the intercooler- a scoop will come later.




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Chuck, do you have the hood from that FC you took the engine from? If so, take the scoop too! Or go real crazy and use a Scooby STI Tidal Wave hood scoop!

I do, but whether or not I use it sort of depends on what happens with the rest of the RX-7. I'm also toying around with a Cobra Jet type scoop. Next time I'm sitting idly at the bench I might just lay a few scoops on there and soak them in, see if any of them 'speak' to me!

I wasn't feeling the kit's supplied aftermarket Flareside bed, so I dug out a glue bomb Styleside Courier and robbed the bed from that. I think it looks much better for the style of truck I've stumbled into.


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