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Post your 1:12 scale '57 Bel Airs!

Jordan White

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Here's my first and only attempt of the 1/12 '57 from about 15+ years ago. The colors made it a real pita, and I overdid some of the detailing for sure. I added disc brakes all around, and coil-overs for the rear, headers, etc., and tried to create a race injected 350 ZR-1 engine with limited success. The interior is cloth button-tuck using pin heads, and vinyl. Full trunk detail with tools, stereo amps, blah, blah. Insanity! Next time I'll opt for a simpler theme.

055-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

057-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

045-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

051-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

047-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

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That's awesome ken! Looks like how I'm planning on doing mine, with body color bumpers and trim. Since this will be one of the only large scale builds I'm doing (or rather redoing), I'm going to go into detail with it.

Oh, how did you end up hinging your doors?

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Here are three I did a few years ago. Actually, I just built the aqua/white one. The other two I just did some color flipping on. The yellow one looks sort of like the four door '57 done on Wheeler Dealers, but the pink one looks like a Pepto Bismol factory exploded on it!! It was a fun build. I did some detail on the engine, but I don't have any pictures. Enjoy.




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052-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


If you look at the top front corner of the door you can see a white vinyl coated wire. That is the typical "U" shaped hinge, but it and the lower are inserted into box tubing that runs almost the length of the door and also on the inner body panel. It need the length to support the heavy door and if I need to remove the door for repairs or changes I can slide it off the hinge (or adjust it).

Mike; Your #3 gives new meaning to "hot pink". :)

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G'day guys, here's my sad attempt at a raceing '57. I chopped the roof and body, converted to right hand drive, replaced, wheels, tires, brakes and suspension, moulded bumpers. Hope you like. Michael,(aka Roadkill) from the left coast of the big island down under.





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Wow, amazing! I have never seen anything quite like that. All scratch built?

Holy ######, Derrick. That is a project worth completing if only for the challenge. Lots of great work so far. Isn't it mostly body and paint left?

Wow......didn't know c---r---a---p was a bad word. ;)

You are right i do need to go back to work on this one. :mellow::wacko::unsure::(^_^
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Here's my 1/12 57 with the teardrop trailer I scratchbuilt for it. I built the car about six years ago, and made the trailer and diorama in 2009. The trailer uses the 57's stock wheels.


Here are some hitch details.


Here it is in my campground diorama. I forgot to paint the rubber bullets on the bumper black - fixed 'em later.


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