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not your typical 58 belvedere 2.18.14 finished!


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Here is my version of this kit. It did start out to be a Christine replica but i decided to redo it into a mild custom. So far ive removed the bumpers and replaced them with nerf bars fronm the 49 ford. Added a thunderbird hood scoop modified the suspension to set lower and shaved the side trim and door handles.

Ideas are welcome






As always questions and comments are welcome


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I really like the mods you have done on this one so far. It certainly takes it in a completely opposite direction.

If you are doing a full on custom like this, I couldn't agree more about ditching the factory bumper. I always thought it was a disturbing eye sore. Guess that disturbing factor is really just a small part of picking the entire car for Christine. Here is the one I had been recently working on... just for a reference of what they look like in paint without the original bumper.

Please excuse the shoddy photography.

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thanks for all the positive feedback guys I've always wanted to do something custom with this car. still need to come up with an engine , wheels and choose a color. gonna try and fit the rear nerf bars and roll pan tonight.

skydime , i completely agree taking off those bulky bumpers this bodystyle has great potential. nice to se someone has the same ideas.

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That T-bird scoop looks great, shaving the stock mouldings and cleaning up the bumper area with the nerfs definitely smoothes its lines. Are you planning on any new mouldings down the sides? Something maybe thin and spear like above the lower body line. Looking forward to your progress on this build.

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Got the nerf bars on the rear roll pan and filled in the center of the roll pan. Made an exhaust tip to fit and also made a new side trim.






Haven't decided if the trim will stay. What do you guys think?

Also thinking about taking the rear nerf bars all the way to the exhaust tip

As always questions and comments are welcome


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Been working on this project slowly with not much time to update. But here it is I've decided on an engine, wheels and paint. The firewall heaters had to be removed to fit the engine and i also filled in all the holes and smoothed the inner fenders.

The engine is almost finished just some small details left. Its a 426 hemi from the 41 willys and the mustang super stallion blower and intake setup.

All the bodywork is finished and is in white primer so it will make it easier when the white basecoat is sprayed.







all the trim/chrome was stripped and painted.

After the body gets painted im not sure if ill use clear or use flat clear instead

what do you guys think?

also i need to come up with a color for the interior.

As always questions and comments are welcome


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