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Hi guys,

I am working on a few old builds of European trucks, that I though that may are interest for you.

I started to rebuild this Scania Streamline that was first builded back in 1996 but didn't turned out the way I wanted. I want to improve my skills and I believe that doing practice on old builds is very fun, inspirational and you can lern many things of modeling technics.

I am hooked on this build, inspired from a real truck I have seen a few times on the highway.

This is a first mockup of the truck, without the cab fairings.



I cut off the molded mesh witch will be replaced with a real one,


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Something that I don't like in Italeri Europoean kits, is that they are tooling only one fuel tank and the spare wheel. Long distance European trucks have factory specd two fuel tanks. I wanted to try to scruchbuild fuel tanks, so this is how they turned out.






I am very pleased with them since these are my first attemp doing fuel tanks.

More to come...

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I also wanted to try my skills to update the interior. I got inspired by Adam's (modeltruckmafia) work so here it is,

The bottom of the bed is empty and because it is visible I cover it with styrene,



Made out of styrene a laptop pc with ejected disc,


a GPS device and a flat TV,


working on how to build curtains for the side windows and the bunk


more to come...

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kostas i have drive this type for about 10 years and was one of the finest truck that the have building and was very fine to ride with it

and your right about the italeri fueltank [ babysize ] aftermarket you can buy bigger one,s but that from you looks very good

i follow this old workhorse

al a color in mind?

great work


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Thank you for your coments.

My inspiration for this build is a real truck I have seen several times on the highway. Unfortunately, until today I haven't been able to shoot some photos, but I remember main details of the real thing.

The color is light yellow and the overall look is a workhorse working hard in style.


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Awesome looking truck, Man...I like what you did with the bumper and I really like the fuel tanks......I tried my hand at building this truck.....The only problem I had was me.....I dropped the cab off the table, one day. :blink: ....Then I drove off with the freshly painted engine that I forgot I had set on the bumper to dry and ran over it.. :angry::angry: ...Never got it together.....But I do have another one.... :D I think I'll try it one more time.....

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Wow!!! 2 1/2 years since the last post on this. I might be slowest model truck builder ever.

I am pussing forward on this girl, I want her to be done soon, so I managed to complete the frame as far as possible in order to start priming and painting. Once again plenty of styrene was used here and there.

The frame rails are now covered by custom deck plates which were shaped to mimic the frame and the exaust pipe end was fabricated



The fifth wheen release handle is now extended, new exaust brakets were fabricated and also the air filter pipe supporter was detailed.




A few parts of the kit are missing especialy from the exaust, so I used parts from the parts box and bits of styrene,

Hope you enjoy this. The forecast says heavy rains and temperature drop for the next few days, so I will not be able to prime or paint anything, but I might find some time to puss forward also the cab and its interior.


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pictures added
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               Glad to see you are back at the workbench .The work you are doing on this project looks pretty good.

I hope things have gotten better for you.



   Be Well


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Was this prompted by the Bring Out Your Dead topic?  You started it 1996, thread started 2013, so it qualifies!  :D  And why are your pictures on Photobucket still working?

Nice job.  I know yellow is not easy to do.

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Yellow is a pain, you did a good job. I have only done 2 trucks in yellow. Both were school bus yellow, one was heavy weathered and rusted the other a Septic truck. I will never paint any model pale yellow, too much work to get it to look good. You did a great job, yours look great.

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