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1968 Dodge Coronet R/t

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The Coronet has earned its stripe!!!


Because the Fred Cady decals are sized for 1:25 or 1:24 scale, I'm applying the stripe in three parts. I made a photocopy of the decal and placed it on the car, then marked where I needed to cut. In this case, I made the cuts at the decklid. About 3/16" wrapped under the quarter panel and the remaining decklid stripe is at lease 1/4" longer than I need.


I'm really digging the black and white scheme!!! It's a "Yin Yang" sort of thing.

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I am right with you on the black and white, Marc. I have a 61 Ranchero on the 'bench I'm doing in b&w also. It's your kind of build too. I'll get pics here someday.... Anyway, this Coronet is suited to the colors(of lack therof :D ) quite well. Your builds always come out a cut above, and I can't wait to see this one done! :mellow:

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Marc- great job so far. Those headlights make a world of difference. Did I read that right? you drilled out the headlights after you painted the grill? Wow, you are braver than I

Steve- MV lenses are the brand name you can find at your local hobby shop. Rail Roaders use them a lot, and they come in different sizes & colors.

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Had the house to myself most of the day while the girls Christmas shopped. I cleared the Coronet with multiple coats of Tamiya TS-13. I painted the spokes of the Aoshima Kranze rims with Tamiya Gloss Black topped with one light coat of Tamiya Matt Black.




I'll polish it in a few days and apply BMF to the window trim. In the meantime, I'm turning my attention to the chassis and interior. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more updates.

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Things are finally getting back to normal following last week's historic ice storm and power outage. Didn't really find the bench until this afternoon. Saturday was spent chasing errands, Christmas shopping, and waiting for a repairman to replace the spring on my overhead garage door which broke Friday evening.

I did a little work on the '71 Cuda, but nothing picture worthy. Started painting the interior for the '68 Coronet and I'll post some pics once I paint the seats and apply some BMF on the door panels. Trying to figure out what to do with the IP regarding the paint and trim. Might do some aluminum paint or CF decal. I like the modified Dodge Magnum SRT seats so much that I made a mold and cast them in resin.


I like the looks of these and they will work in almost any 1:25 scale muscle car. I also made the mold and cast the front shock towers for the MPC metal axle chassis.


I pirated this part from an AMT '68 Road Runner kit. It will add a nice bit of detail.

More to come this week.

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Man is the bad luck following you! At least the garage door waited until the power came back on! I tried to build with a lantern last week but the light was not sufficient. You don't realize how much you miss electric until it is gone for a week and it is 30 degress outside!!!LOL!!! Maybe I will have a generator hooked up next time so my modeling and kids don't have to suffer! See ya at the next meeting!

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You best bet is to get the full kit from Modelhaus.

###### i aint got the cash for the modelhaus ######. i wanna get the 80s 4 door caprice and turn it into a replica of my 5th ave but i aint got the $60-80 to spend on somethin id have the ability to REALLY mess it up

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