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"Track Rat" Fox body build - Finished!


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more shaping on the rear diffuser



I was at Drugmart and spotted a 99 cobra kit for pretty cheap.. picked it up thinking what the heck, lets see how that IRS mounts up..



So I "could" make this work pretty easy, however its a bit more work than I anticipated. The track width is a little wider than I was hoping. The easy thing to do would be change the wheels, but that is not an option to me. I could narrow the mounting point on the wheel and the axle, but im worried about where the rear arms need to mount..

I'll stare at it a bit and decide if its worth it.

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Looking good Andy!

To strengthen parts, I often will use a trick, of using ultra-thin CA glue, only a drop via toothpick at a time, placed so the CA flows along & over the area desired (only)

It dries quickly, allowing a few layers to be added, then lightly sand & primer

That I often use this to build up more fragile parts

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started getting the turbo mounted, took the fox kit headers, modified those to the ls spacing on the heads (really close) flipped them around and went to town. I had to remove the AC compressor to fit it, but who needs that in a track car anyway?




laid everything in the engine bay to check fitment.



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