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"Track Rat" Fox body build - Finished!


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Nice work Man...!

thank you!

didn't realize I had one of the 99 cobra kits in my closet! I think I'm going to take your idea, but I'm going to make a resin copy of the entire rear end and have it on hand for future builds that require IRS setups.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out in resin, it was worth it in the end, but this rear end is really finicky to say the least

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Spent the day at the NNL in Toledo yesterday, tons of new inspiration to get me motivated today. Seems like I am taking baby steps here, but the little stuff is pushing me here, hoping its worth it all in the end.

Got the fuel regulator made and the return line on the fuel rail, I also wired the sensors in the throttle body while I was at it.


Figured it was a good time to mock everything back up and make sure it still fits, also got some primer on the front splitter and rear diffuser.






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Sweet. Is that the middle on a 79-83 spoiler? I get in the same pickles sometimes. Build through them. That's why I build the whole model before I break down for paint

thanks, no its all scratchbuilt from sheet.

Looking awesome and nice touch on the spoiler...

thank you.

Got first coat of primer on the spoiler and some finish sanding.


couldnt resist another mockup with the hood. I am really happy with how this is turning out



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was doing pretty good till I decided to squeeze the radiator in there. Not so sure that clearance would work in the real world, Gonna need to do something different I'm sure. Off to search the google to find ideas...

Yeah, just offset the rad so the turbo can pass some air and it'll be fine! Looking good so far.

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