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Elenore II I got a crazy idea

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As I promised, here's an update. I was looking to make some fender flares but wanted to NOT spend hours sanding putty, so I was looking for some in the parts box or maybe cannibalizing a new kit when I spotted the perfect fender flair!


Nope, I didn't put the wrong picture in there! Just look at the gorgeous shape of those inner fenders from an AMT 49 Mercury. I must be daft, right? Just wait, it's going to blow your mind!

Cut the entire fender well with part of the frame out of the chassis.


After sanding the paint off of the part to reveal the original gray plastic so as to make marking it more visible, I position the wheel well into the body and tape, clamp or just simply hold with your hands and mark the wheel opening shape on the part. The reason I left the frame parts is for location references. I used the Mercury right rear well on the left front and vise versa since the frame matched the difference in height of the body in front and behind the wheel opening.



Then I marked the shape of the desired flare. I was going with a simple "ZG" flare so I kept it small. I could go with a huge flare by simply marking my cut line further back.


I got distracted by my cat:


After grinding off the stock flares, I glued the new flare in place, then trimmed out the marked wheel opening with my various tools and a piece of sand paper wrapped around a pill bottle. while I was at it, I went ahead and thinned the body into the flare so as to actually make more room for tires, which is why you put flares on in the first place.



These turned out less desirable than I had hoped, so I started over and modified my techniques, but each car is going to be different, so that's up to you to figure out. I really hope this tip helps you guys. I just get excited when I can come up with a new technique, idea or tool. Since I took all these pics, I finished the rear flares and will have pics up soon enough.

Thanks for watching!

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here's some more pics like I said I was going to get. No cats distracting me this time...at least not while I'm taking the pictures.

Here you can see the flares and the power bump. The hood needs more work, but overall, I think it's ok. There's no other reference out there to say otherwise, so neener neener. The bumper was actually found in a Honda Civic SI Coupe kit that was donated by a friend (Lord knows I'd never buy a honda! lol) I shaved the top and did some reshaping to make it fit the grill and headlights a little better and it will be going through a few more changes to make it look a little more mustang front and a lot less Civic rear.


and a side shot for fun


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I´m with the guys who think Mustang II´s are ugly cars. They are interesting models to add to the collection, though. Very cool project and it already looks very promising. If you don´t have paints yet, I can recommend gloss black and light gun metal from Tamiya. I did an Eleanor paintjob using this combination from spray cans and it came out very nice.


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I´m with the guys who think Mustang II´s are ugly cars. They are interesting models to add to the collection, though. Very cool project and it already looks very promising. If you don´t have paints yet, I can recommend gloss black and light gun metal from Tamiya. I did an Eleanor paintjob using this combination from spray cans and it came out very nice.


Mike what wheels are those?

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Great solution for the flares Ken, and you should grab one of those Civic kits if you ever see one (I'm no Tuner fan, trust me!), it's a great kit with tons of extra parts for the stash!


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I guess if I am relegated to page 3 I am not working hard enough on my projects. lol

I have a small updated. I don't get a whole lot of time to work on these things, usually about an hour or so a day. Here's what I have:

tried a hundred different spoilers from other cars, none captured what I was looking for, but many gave inspiration. I settled on a period correct STYLE spoiler that I fabbed up from strip stock. I also started work on the rear bumper. It is still VERY roughed in, though I had to carve in the license plate recess to have it correct before I installed the bumper which needs to be shaped to fit the ends. I guess I could have just used one single piece of plastic to make things easier on the bumper. Oh well.




I wasn't happy with the scoop that was on the hood previously, so I dug around the parts box again and found something that might be a little better suited.


hahaha, no, but seriously, I'm going to use it

I cut the giant scoop off of the "pro stock" hood and left a nice hole for power parts. You can also see here where I filled in the exhaust hole in the bumper and filled the space between the bumper and grill. I also carved some character lines just below the headlight bezels to help the bumper flow with the body work a little better.


I hope you can see the scoop in the background, I think it will work well for a pseudo elenore hood.


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Man, that spoiler looks just right Ken! And you freaked me out with that "scoop", don't do that, I might have a heart attack on ya! Are you going to try to pull the front bumper in more, or is that the final position for it?

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Ok, got some more done this weekend. still just body stuff, but that's what I'm concerned with at the moment. I realized I might need a different type of scoop or none at all depending on the motor, so I quit working on the hood until it's time for engine clearance tests.

On to the sides. I love how the real elenore's side scoops are exaggerated, so I made my attempt. I haven't decided if I want to put the big scoops or just keep it simple like what I have here, as these are quite a drastic change for the little muttstang.

I started by laying tape on the body side and tracing the body lines with a fine tip sharpie, then transferred the tape to some sheet plastic of appropriate thickness and cut out the basic design


after some finer shaping I whittled out the "scoop" from behind.


rinse and repeat:


Here it is just mocked up, it fits nicely and dramatically changes the attitude of the car.


I was asked earlier if I was going to tuck the bumper. In short...no. I kinda like the big chin look. (I'm a closet Jay Leno fan)

In stead of tucking the bumper, I'm bringing the grill out and giving it a more aggressive, angry look. '

Again, with the blue tape (it doesn't leave sticky residue like white tape) I placed it on the grill opening, traced it with a sharpie, and used it as a basic pattern for the plastic needed.





At this point it looks like a butt ugly sucker fish or some kind of algae eater. haha


Now I thought I had taken pictures of it all cleaned up and shaped, but they must not have been saved for some reason, so I'll just have to get a pic of the finished grill opening and headlights. The headlights went through a similar procedure.

I have to pick the wife up at the airport, so I'll get pics up tomorrow of the outcome of the weekend's workings.

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Turns out she's not going to be landing for another hour and a half, so, there's plenty of time for a quick photo shoot.

here's the "finished" grill and one headlight. A slight amount of change makes such a drastic difference, wouldn't you all agree?




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Stretching out the grille and headlights is a great idea, it'll change the look and hopefully make the bumper less pronounced! The side scoops are gonna look a whole lot more aggressive like that, i like the idea!

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