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  2. Are your talking about the bead rolls pressed into the floor pan to add rigidity?
  3. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    That's a nice bag, but I don't have any shoes that match.
  4. AMT 67 Camaro SS 350 building instructions

    I'm waiting on Modlbldr Snake 45. He asked about the parts first. If he's not interested. then they are yours. I'm not sure how all this works. Are you suppose to do this my PM as I see so many people do? I'm new so clue me in. :-) And if I have other models or parts. Do I list them in the trading post separate? So more people see them?
  5. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    Let me know which you prefer, the above model or a nice handbag... https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/tuileries-epi-nvprod830008v People buy ridiculously priced things all the time.
  6. 1967 Camaro SS and 1958 Chevy Impala.

    Thank you Slotto.
  7. 1967 Camaro SS and 1958 Chevy Impala.

    Thank you Snake45.
  8. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    I doubt it. That's just how the bidding is set up. Say you want that car really bad. someone's already bid $76 on it and want to guarantee you get it so you bid $3000. Your bid does not automatically go up to $3000. It goes up to $77, just high enough to outbid the first guy. So, now your bid is $77 and along comes another guy who wants it bad too. He bids $2599. He has not outbid you, you'r bid of $3000 is still higher. Your bid still does not go up to it's maximum but it makes your bid the next step higher than his, which would be $2600. See how it works?
  9. Model T Truck Kit...?

    No, it's not a TT truck, but a commercial body on the standard Model T passenger car chassis (Ford sold Model T's as just the bare frame, with fenders, hood, firewall and cowling, for just such a conversion--back in the 'teens and 'twenties (of the 20th Century, of course) there were hundreds, if not thousands of fairly small, local shops (even small factories) that built such commercial bodies on special order. Art
  10. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    But more than likely it was bought because Dear Old Dad had one just like that. The power of nostalgia is a powerful thing. Especially when it comes to family.
  11. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    Yes, a good builder can get good bucks for his builds on e-bay. But it takes time to build up a customer base willing to pay those bucks and a unique model to sell. A Falcon wagon can go for big money BUT A mice build of a common kit like a '57 Chevy for example would have to be a really excellent build to even get your money back out of it.
  12. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    No, that's not one of his.
  13. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    If this is legit, more power to the seller. But for that money it should be fully plumbed, wired, and have opening doors, hood, and tailgate.
  14. Fisherman's Friend - Chevy Van G30

  15. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    I see some of these on eBay too and a lot of them are rip offs. I see a lot of guys selling built Tamiya kits for anywhere from $50-$200 dollars. Mind you these are models with the mold lines still on, imperfections in the paint and numerous issues. I’m all for seeking built and completed models. But if you sell it for a high price it darn well better be a nice job. Alex Kustov could be selling his built models for $500 a pop at least by eBay standards. I only started noticing these because I buy used and completed kits sometimes with the intention of stripping them down for parts.
  16. Monogram Buick GNX

    PM I have what you need
  17. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    Just look at the Art world. Some ugly stuff sells for Millions of dollars. Why can't this art form sell for good money?
  18. Good question. Usually the instruction sheet makes reference to the manufacturer, but no luck on this one. It doesn't seem like it would be based on a real wheel, based on how is assembles, but they might be similar to those 8-lug Pontiac wheels? Nice avatar change, BTW.
  19. Thanks Todd! Today I was able to get more bench time than I originally thought, so the BMF work is done. As usual, there would be plenty of room for improvement, but it's not my worst effort either. Once I can get the underiside of the body painted flat black and windows on place, I guess it'll look pretty good.
  20. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    Yep some of those built models go for big bucks! I just wonder how the sellers ship them so that they're not totally broken when they arrive at their destination. Sometimes I've thought of building something with the plans to sell it later on, but the market here in Finland isn't very impressive so the only choice would be trying to sell it in eBay.
  21. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    Well, you learn something new every day. I guess I should improve my skills and start selling some cool stuff. I have the time.
  22. Harry`s Models

    Great job on putting the Stutz back in order!
  23. Splash Paints - Website Up!

    I agree with your emoji. WTH, if it needs to be cleared, it's not a single stage paint. Since when does lacquer NEED to be cleared? What's next,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, snap kits, cement required? I'm not sure I would buy paint from someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.
  24. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    I cannot see in the listing if it says or not but there is a builder named Paul Hettick (pretty sure that is his name) who has a big following on ebay for built models. Deservedly so, his models are excellently built. The ones he builds routinely sell for north of $1000. Some of them far north of $1,000. If this one is one of his it doesn't surprise me that it sold for that much.
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