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  2. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    Thanks, Brad! Much appreciated, sir!
  3. I seem to remember an article like that done for the Don Kirby car. ?????? Gonna dig thru the magazines maybe later tonight and see waht I come up with . Will that molded in purple snap kit work for the back half
  4. AMT 57 Ford

    it is pretty !
  5. 2002 Pontiac Trans Am Collectors Edition

    Nice! Thanks for the info ill relay it to him. Yeah, possible the set i bought was indeed a mediocore copy of yours, but the weird thing is the center taillight decal WAS true slver in the lettering yet the side black stripes where the silver should be are transparent?? Guess we're gonna have to watch out for such "thievery" even in our modeling community. Case in point, many years ago when youtube was sprouting and before the content id elitests, i made an account (very breifly) with some slideshow videos of some of my builds with music. Not only did my videos get flagged by inept rights holders for music (when it was from old video games ala 16 bit and some f zero tunes), but i had dozens of dumb trolls and morons steal my slideshow videos music and all, and claiming them as their own getting away without content id claims like I had (most of whom have dissapeared most likely due to the recent YT copyright perges that have been going on) Instead of getting into wars with trolls that will always win, I said eff youtube and rarely post stuff even today unless its a build i find special to me (because even the trolls could steal my photos and make some dumb claims on my work).
  6. AMT '70-1/2 Camaro

    LOOKING GREAT!!!!…..love that fuel filter!!!
  7. Celebrity Crushes?

    Well It's hard to pick just one!
  8. I will hook you guys up with that!
  9. You got it, Shaun!, i'll do it by tomorrow!
  10. Foose Cadillac

    Sweet ! Great paint.
  11. That makes it worth an extra grand on craigslist
  12. Glue Bomb Rescue: '72 GTO

    Exactly what it looks like... some of my best results are often by mistake... I like seeing older builds restored without losing the look of it. Good on you, I missed the Charger I'll have to look for it.
  13. Divided by a common tongue

    ...Favorite and favourite.
  14. actual 1/43 scale display cases wanted

    I've just come across your thread. I have a number of 1/43rd scale diecasts and resin/metal kits built up. As I'm in the UK small display cases are virtually unknown, so I ask my family whevere they buy chocolates, please buy Ferrero Rocher 16 in a pack. They are about £4.50 here. They are the perfect size for 1/43rd and a bit tight for 1/32 scale!
  15. '32 Ford 5-Window Coupe

    I've been playing around with the '32 5 Window Coupe this afternoon. I installed the wheel backs into the tires again and did a mock up of the '32. The wheels are not pressed on since I have painted the calipers on the disc brakes and they are drying. I still have to paint the letters on the hubcaps.
  16. TAT Mack B-61

    very nice - a good-looking workhorse on the DM-chassis!
  17. Got more done on the engine, decided to go blue instead of gold because I changed my idea for the outside colors. Also after all the trimming I did the manifold is still hitting the firewall so I am gonna take my dremel and get to carving the firewall till it fits straight up and done. You can see the tilt in the last photo. My new Idea for the trucks colors are black fenders with gold running down the middle and blue and gold lowrider graphics (patterns) on top of the gold. This is the photo of the colors that gave me the inspiration for the paint colors. I have not found any other shoots of the car to see the rest of the paint but gives me a good idea on how to execute on my truck.
  18. Fireball Modelworks

    Amen to that!
  19. AMT 57 Ford

    I have a couple of these to do and I'll be looking yours over closely. Not that mine will be this great. LOL
  20. Celebrity Crushes?

    Most people don't know her but Kylie Minogue. She is like a fine wine that gets prettier as she ages. Still hot at 50.
  21. Today
  22. Fireball Modelworks

    Just received my order from Joseph on some of his newest items, the Olds SSII wheels, 67 Camaro Dog Dish and Steel wheels and latest tires...superb. Joseph's products keep getting better and he picks great pieces to make that we have been looking for. The shipping was fast and exceeded expectations. I highly recommend his products and if you have never ordered from Fireball, you are missing out of the best resin, rubber tires and 3D products available. I give Fireball a AAAA++++ !
  23. The First Air Force One, Flying Again...

    From what I have heard from an old friend that had flown in that plane it was restored before and then wound up being left sitting for decades afterwards to get into the state it was in before this restoration.
  24. AMT 57 Ford

    Looks amazing, great job!
  25. Revell Olds 442 FE3-X

    That is really nice.
  26. Revell Olds 442 FE3-X

    Excellent attention to detail and that black paint job looks absolutely phenomenal!!
  27. 1966 Buick Riviera

    It's a beauty, excellent job!!
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