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  2. '58 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

    Oh! I want that!!! Wish I had a Falcon. Anything else?? Later-
  3. AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues

    How does a goofy thing like that even come to market when they were SO MANY good cars that could have been tooled instead?
  4. Paranormal Activity On My FB Page

    If someone was playing a joke, everybody who was on her friends list would see the same thing.
  5. 1998 Corvette 1st build in a while

    Thank you
  6. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    only on Sundays

    Looking forward to the AMT 1/32 scale Corvette and the 1/16 scale Honda motorcycle. Now if we can get Round 2 to reissue AMT's 1/32 scale '32 Ford, '40 Ford, and '60 Thunderbird. The 1/32 Indy would be okay too. I'd buy it.
  8. Seventies Land Yachts?

    The '69-'72 GP had a long hood, but I think the '71-'78 Eldorado and Toronado would win that contest! I think there is a strong market for some large 1970s cars. 1970 was the last year more than one make of full-size car was available to build as a kit or buy as a promo (Impala, Bonneville, Wildcat, Coupe deVille, LTD). That's pretty sad as there were many cars from that period that should have been done. Most of the tooling is now done overseas at lower labor rates, and I think the naysayers on this board would be surprised at how well some of these would sell. Those who want typical family sedans and wagons can probably forget it as there is really no market for those outside of the resin casters. How about a '70 or '71 Sport Fury GT, '70 XL, '70 or '71 300, or a sharp convertible like the '71 Delta 88 Royale? Going down a bit in size, how about the '72 Thunderbird, Mark III, Mark IV, and Mark V, and '71-'73 Rivieras? How about an Eldorado convertible? For the intermediates, a '70-'73 Ranchero GT, or a '77-'79 Ranchero GT, along with early to mid-'70s El Caminos, would sell, as would a '73 442 and any Indy Pace Car. How many Yenko or Baldwin Motion Camaros or other cars we never saw do we really want as a kit? Wouldn't most of you rather see cars you remember from that time period?
  9. Paranormal Activity On My FB Page

    I took this screenshot two minutes ago Old Lynne is still hanging out.
  10. There's plenty of blame to go around on this......
  11. Unique 1980's sprint car hauler

    Whoa! That is ugly.
  12. Another Quick Poll

    Yea. Let's see what we're voting on.
  13. MPC El Camino with cool little dirt bike

    I've never owned this particular version of the El Camino. The closest I have is a '79 promo. I like the Choo Choo Customs SS front end and the mini bike. So I may have to finally buy one. The only thing I'm not keen on, is it says it's molded in black. I'd prefer if they also offered it in white. I'm also not keen on the Choo Choo Customs graphics. I wonder if the kit still includes SS decals too?
  14. Wooden model ships

    I soak the ends of the planks in water for a few hours and then bend the planks around a stain can with mini clamps and allow themto dry.Works well even for a bluff bow like this one which is a fairly extreme bend.
  15. International 4300 Photo Etch Sets Coming!

    Super nice, Dave!!
  16. Revell 32 5 window Coupe

    Cool stuff! I have a 32 I'm very up in the air about.... if it were a 3 window... forget about it. No question about the direction.... this thing tho.... I dunno.... I'll keep peaking at your work. Maybe get some inspiration. Not to copy of coarse.
  17. Grim Reaper

    ^ Monogram Chopper - Haha, that is perfect!
  18. Movin' On TV series -- the pilot "In Tandem" episode ??

    I have it on DVD, but the quality is TERRIBLE! Sadly the DVD wasn't cheap either. The show is also on Amazon, but I'm not sure about the pilot.
  19. Splash Paints - Website Up!

    MCW - old school, mail in order with check and get your paint soon after. I’ve ordered twice and both times great service.
  20. All of the final details and such have been added to the build and it is done as of today. Electronic speakers on front bumper, LED's under the headlights, directional lights on the cowl, hardhats, axe, McLeod tool on top of the hose body and shovels next to the tank. The gold and black rectangle next to the 127 on the rear is a dedication plaque that was put on the truck at the time it was rehabbed in 2013.
  21. Seventies Land Yachts?

    Have a MPC 1970 Grand Prix (longest stock production hood in the industry), but would still love to have a '71 Boattail Riviera.
  22. Today
  23. the pilot "in tandem" is not on hulu,or at least I have not found it,I have sprint cell phone service and they pay for my hula,and have watched every episode,a couple times,:and that was the best part in beginnig with will and the cabover
  24. '61 Falcon Gasser

    I recall a real car very much like that on the streets of Oak Lawn, Ill. in the early 70's. It was called Suspicion and ran a 327 Chevy if I remember right.
  25. Seventies Land Yachts?

    These threads always go like this, no market for truck models, no market for old cars, no market for small cars etc, usually followed by the hobby is dying, kids just want to play video games... Then the next thing you know one of the companies comes along with a Hudson Hornet, a 1950 Oldsmobile, a modern Ford F250, 1970s Ford pickups, a full detail Hummer, not one but 2 Citroen DS- kits... Never say never, who would have put money on a kit of an Isuzu I-Mark being tooled up?
  26. 20.03.2018 Chevelle SS-396

    Photo #2 exhibits a bare (blue) plastic 'strip' between the exhaust ports ; however , this isn't the case on the finished product ! Not sure why that blue is there in the photo ... ?
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