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  2. 2019 Ram

    I know it’s a monster truck I just take any chance I get to make fun of a Chevy (I’m a dodge guy).
  3. Phantom Buick Regal

    Completely believable paint scheme, well done!
  4. Junior Johnson #27 '61 Pontiac

    Great looking model! Nice to see a Junior car that's not a white '63 Impala or a black '40 Ford.
  5. sanding

    orang peel won't dissapear.. paint hides nothing... it inhances flaws , even clear
  6. 1/24 Monogram Trans Am Pontiac

    Been a while since I built it (or had the hood up), but I'm pretty sure this one has a Pontiac engine.
  7. Liberty Walk R35 GTR

    Awesome build, looks great!
  8. New kid on the block ?

    I'm in totally! That's a fantastic subject to start with, and $30-40 is completely reasonable for a full-detail glue kit. This is great news for the NASCAR faithful!
  9. 1966 Ford Galaxie

    These things look so cool with that teardrop hood, don't they?
  10. sanding

    I use LMG polishing cloths. I usually start with 3600 depending how bad the orange peel is. Then move to the next highest grit. 4000, then 6000 , 8000 , then the final 12000. orange peel is like a mountian... it has peaks and valleys... when you start sanding the peaks become dull and the vallyes are still shiny. when you get to where there is no shiny spots left the paint is flat .. then you can procede to the next highest grit. that grit takes out the scratches the previous grit made... 6000 takes out the 4000 scratches 8000 takes out the 6000 scratches etc. till you get to the end 12000 and there are no scratches left.. and you should see shine. then you can use a good plastic polish , or wax to shine it up and protect the finish. Hope this helps... oh.... I use Novus 3 part plastic polish
  11. Freightliner COE Questions

    Frieightliner was big on the fact that every truck was custom built to the owners specs,they always had ads in the magazines promoting just that.Coming on to the end of the cabover era they werent really a fleet truck,IH Ford and Dodge were the real cheapy ones then,frieghtlier was a step up from them,KW and peterbilt were the top of the line then,Mack was not at the bottom but between a IH and a frieghtliner.At least thats how i remember it. Harvey
  12. Has anyone built these?

    He sold out the production run (I believe 100, based on production run for photoetch); I built it...fun model, looks great! I built mine w/the original color scheme vs. the restored car which I have seen in person and running on its own power.
  13. nice, good to see an old dodge. my bil has about 20 or so dodge trucks, longs, shorts, steppers, never builds them, won't sell or trade them to me...(you should see his car collction, 'bout 150 or so '50-'70's mopars- all unbilt....) them rims look like their off the rescue blazer (?) liking your canopy idea, that's different. actually building one for a sb chev project right now
  14. Terrific build. The snow looks so real.
  15. sanding

    Polishing kits start at around 2500 grit and go up to 12000.
  16. 2019 Ram

    Huh? I don't see that at all.
  17. sanding

    yea but there was orange peel i could see and if i put clear on there wouldn`t it be the same once i got down to the paint where than i could see the orange peel dissapear or does the clear coat cover the orange peel ??
  18. New kid on the block ?

    I thought those were Powerslide decals. This is “the big thing” Mike was talking about on Randy’s board a few months back. Cool!
  19. 2019 Ram

    that's a monster truck with rollers on it, usually for transport square fenders do not limit tire size, depth of the inner fender does. you can take a stock truck and prob physically fit a 35" tire in there and not rub, when you hit is when you turn the wheels, and all new trucks are lousy at this. new truck inners are very narrow compared to old trucks, the inners in my old '85 are well over 2 feet wide ever notice how old trucks can get away with say a 6" lift and 37's, whereas a new truck will need at least 8 or more inches of lift to fit that same tire in there, or, even more stupid, they will let half the tire hang out past the fender instead.... being a die hard gm trucker, can't say i'm crazy about any of the 5 trucks posted (like my old) but we are thinking of getting wife a new truck, and there's a good chance it will be a 4 runner instead of another general in the driveway
  20. new from UK

    Thanks Richard I'm looking forward to seeing what everyones up too
  21. Freightliner COE Questions

    I'm guessing you mean on the Ford since that is the only pic with a cab in it?? It is supplied in the Italeri Ford LTL9000 and also the Itaerli Ford Aeromax kits since both share the same cab. As far as I know, it also is not a Lund visor, Ford used these on pretty much all of their heavy trucks.
  22. sanding

    I only use 'bout 3 coats of clear as I paint my car bodies using as little paint as necessary so I don't bury the chrome trim, the emblems, lettering, badges, etc.
  23. https://www.snapfish.com/photo-gift/share?via=link&token=TQdOMzhvPelEj2lElivR4w/AUS/27947253739070/SNAPFISH.Couldn't get pic to upload from album. Hope this works
  24. A lot going on with this one. Love it.
  25. New kid on the block ?

    OK, so they have a (count 'em one) kit. I think I'll wait, assuming future kits are not NASCAR, until they have a track record. Sorry for being skeptical, but I/we have no idea of their production capability, other models planned, or if they even exist.
  26. 1977 Mustang II

    Good turn out Randy!!
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