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In Topic: Dodge 9 Car Transporter

Today, 01:44 AM

Dan that is one fine looking rig, can't wait to see it in person...


Yesterday, 02:15 PM

Dave brought this to the Lake Charles show yesterday and I can say that seeing this in person is WOW!!! It is very impressive to see the detail goes way beyond what can be seen in these pictures. It was great to meet Dave at the show.

Dan glad u got to see it in person and it's always a pleasure to meet people u see and talk to on the forma and groups..

In Topic: 65 CHEVY CAMPER AND BOAT (update)

Yesterday, 04:32 AM

Wow, this is one of the coolest rigs ever.  I cant make up my mind that amazes more - the truck suspension or the most realistic paint job ever. This looks right at home it the field next to that other truck in the background.

The dog really adds character !


What kind of engine is that on the boat ? I have never seen anything like that before.

its what we call a Go Devil down here in the swamps of Louisiana..it will propel a boat through a mixture of mud and water and is primary made for Duck hunters as the tide rise an falls..

In Topic: sidewalk chalk dirt?

23 January 2015 - 10:34 PM

i use real dirt mixed with elmers glue myself , but if you are happy with the results then it works..maybe i will try that with my weatherning pastells..


13 January 2015 - 03:52 PM

That looks amazing! You may have mentioned it somewhere, but I didn't see it, what did that backhoe start as? I'm guessing it is supposed to be a different scale, but it looks pretty darn close to 1/25 to me.

the excavator was a new ray toy and its 1/25 scale