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Today, 05:32 AM

>I also had an old Beetle kit with the same rims and tyres


maybe that was the revell 356 kit then? because I don't think the fujimi wheels, which are minor masterpieces in and of themselves, were ever available anywhere else. I could well be wrong, could you show a pic of the beetle kit with those rims please? would be interested in knowing otherwise.



In Topic: Old Revell "double" parts-pack-based kit trio

Yesterday, 06:00 PM

thing is, like I pointed out, these kits regularly are available in the 100 - 120 dollar range and often cheaper. that's why I wouldn't pay much more than the current bid for them...and they are going to go up before the auction ends, thats my guess.



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Yesterday, 05:51 PM

for about 15 miles. at about 15mph. with a CHP escort and a double line all the way.








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In Topic: Old Revell "double" parts-pack-based kit trio

Yesterday, 10:55 AM

just went back and reviewed this auction...while the price is still pretty fair, that 50$ shipping charge, even from Switzerland, seems a bit rich. maybe not, but it does raise the price into a sort of not acceptable range in my mind. still, I suppose, considering the current market for those kits, not a terribly bad deal, one could maybe sell off two for the current price and keep one for free...maybe.


last one I bought was complete but all bags open and the box torn up, but I only paid about 60 USD for it, that was the mooneyes dragster one, pretty fair price I thought.



In Topic: Flintstone resin Porsche 550

Yesterday, 10:48 AM

always like to see this sort of thing built up, but one question: is it a trick of the photography or is the body really that rough, especially in the back? I have this Flintstone body but don't recall it being like that. but I also haven't painted or primed it or anything and that's typically when those nasty surprises jump out at you.


fujimi 356 wheels and tires?