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In Topic: CHARLIE ALLEN Dart F/C - Back From Florida - Update 12/28

27 December 2014 - 11:36 PM

The Zilla Has Landed !!!!!!!!!!


I have just returned from a Holiday Vacay, and I couldn't be in a better place mentally than I have been in years. It was a Wonder Full week with my daughter and her incredible husband, not to mention, The GrandBratz !!!!!!! Aaaaaaaahh !!! Run Away. Run Very Far Away. I love 'em all to bitz.


I'll need a day of rest and reorganization that may involve some football and mind altering substances.


BTW, I got another Junior Modeler Styrene Addict hooked. My youngest GrandBrat, Ricky, first built a PL Ohio George 33 Willys snap kit a year ago that I had sent him for a birthday. He did a great job for a first model and he proudly showed it to me when I arrived. It only needed minor corrections, but we decided to disassemble it and paint it. We got a 3 day modeling & bonding session in that I will remember for the rest of my life.


During a paint and supply run to Michael's, I told him to pick the model of his choice, maintaining a snap kit, and he chose a Revell Enzo Ferrari. Then he really blew me away. He plays one of those XBox car chase games and he showed me he wanted a spoiler on it.  I told him to go through the parts to see if anything resembled a spoiler. There is a piece that has 2 side scoops connected to a piece that snaps onto the chassis that would be perfect. I had him shave the snap pins so the part wouldn't stay in. Then tape it in place. Next, scribe where the scoops will be, then cut them from the connector and glue them in place. Then 2 corner sprue pieces will be the mounts to be drilled into the trunk.


He doesn't think outside the box. He doesn't believe the box exists.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday of Your Choice and WATCH OUT NEW YEAR !!!!!!! HERE I COME !!!!

In Topic: Flying Dutchman Charger III Funny Car

22 December 2014 - 11:56 AM

Great build. I've used the SMBC decals before. Luv 'em.

In Topic: CHARLIE ALLEN Dart F/C - Back From Florida - Update 12/28

21 December 2014 - 07:29 PM

Nice work Joe, the colors you have used and the way you have used them is very pleasing and effective. Makes for a very clean, sharp visual. I try to do similar things with my builds, sometimes it works out! I think it's partly an intuitive thing.


I couldn't agree more Gene. I'm a big fan of the monochromatic look on a model. It gives the color a theme and purpose as long as you throw in enuff complimentary / contrasting colors. That's why the block and heads are black, while all else is not. Intuition and color sense are a must or your build is a bust. Thanks for noticing.


As far as progress on the model, um, yeah, that hasn't happened yet. The holidays actually have meaning for me this year and I'm taking full advantage of it. I'm doing the friends and family thing which will keep me off of the desk until next week some time.


I wish everyone the happiest times this holiday season has to offer.


P. S.  After this the Deora Hauler is next. After that, I'm entertaining suggestions for a 1/16 body and decal combo to go with the Hawaiian chassis I finished. Drop all suggestions here along with who carries what for parts and we'll go from there.


P. P. S.  It doesn't have to be a MOPAR (gasp) body. The important part already is.

In Topic: Henry J Twin Turbo - Chassis Pics 12-23

18 December 2014 - 03:45 PM

Tim, great to see a great update on your great build.

In Topic: 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 12/17/2014

18 December 2014 - 03:41 PM

Chris, my man, Wow! I can see the look on your face. All I have to do is imagine my shock when a set back like that occurs. Especially on parts you spent so much time on. Who knew, right?


Some day you will impart your new found wisdom on a fellow modeler and their gratitude, my friend, will be your reward.