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What kit would have a suitable rear window I could use to replicate the rear window of...

12 September 2014 - 05:15 AM

I am building a 1971 911 Targa for my friend for a belated birthday gift. I have a 911 kit to use as a base.....but having trouble figuring out the back glass. I made the B-pillar Targa band already.



Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Slumpbuster build: Dodge Sidewinder Custom/Kitbash

07 September 2014 - 02:54 PM

Hey guys! Usually I would have done a WIP build thread....but lately when I have done that, I end up dragging it out too long so I decided to build first and get the build to the point of paint and THEN put some pics up..........so here is the latest build.


Wanted to build a custom version of the rarely built Dodge Sidewinder. I picked this kit up at one of the last local meetings for cheap so I decided to use it as a slump buster build.........almost a big mistake! Anyone who has built this truck can tell you the body is VERY fiddly to get right......in fact, I have been mocking this up for the past week to get all the jambs to fit tightly. She is finally ready for paint!! WOO HOO! (I am thinking it will be a Indigo blue with bright pearl blue highlights.......should look good with the Hypersilver wheels!)


The mods so far have been small (for me): The wheels/tires/brakes are from the diecast world. The wheels and tires came from a Maisto All Stars Camaro and the brakes are from a FD3S RX7 Jada diecast (both were broken and from a Goodwill). I had to narrow the rear track 5/8" and the front track 1/2" to fit the massive rollers! The front bumper was modified using the lower airdam from a Viper GTS. The mufflers are from the Saleen Speedster. The rear radius rods and coilovers were made by me from aluminum tubing and "anodized" with Sharpies. Still on the "to-do" list is the plug wires, throttle linkages and cables, painting the fuel cell and running fuel lines and brake lines, installing the rear coilovers, and then on to the black and red interior.


Any comments are welcome! Enjoy the pics!!!










Top fuel Hemi powered drag boat and trailer....WIP 8-13-14 (Body work progress)

11 July 2014 - 07:53 AM

I have begun building my boat that will be pulled behind my '57 Chevy Speedster AWD.


The boat hull was sourced from a child's toy I found...($10.99)....it was a plastic Scarab that was very close to 1/25 scale, it was motorized and would do circles when you turned the rudder on the rear. This of course held no significance to me whatsoever.......so I began gutting the boat out......pulled out the motor and wiring and removed the plastic that mounted the motor. I then sectioned out 1 inch off of the height of the hull and cut it down to 8 inches long. (the width of it was fine compared to the '57 thank goodness.) I had to build a new transom for it because of the shortening lengthwise but that wasn't too bad.


Ok, so here is the plan.....

-The powerplant and the prop drive (transfer case) for this build was donated to me by vintagedragcrazy (Vince) who has been a pivotal part of the early stages. BIG thank you to him!!

-The engine will include all the proper details of a Top Fuel engine including: fuel lines and hoses, wiring up BOTH magnetos, and a host of other details. 

-I plan on doing a WILD paintscheme on it like most dragboats you would see.

-The trailer will be a scratchbuilt twin axle on custom wheels and tires.


Pics will be later when I get home.....I am not that far along though so bear with me. This is for my NNL build for this coming year so I have plenty of time.

'57 Chevy Bel Air "Speedster" ALL WHEEL DRIVE NORTHSTAR pics UPDATE (8-10-2014)

11 May 2014 - 04:32 AM

So I was visiting with DrKerry yesterday, he and I were shooting ideas back and forth of upcoming build ideas (Darn it he gets me going on new projects whenever we get together! :lol: )......I remember saying at one point that I had an idea to do something with a 57 Chevy kit I got in a recent trade. Then came the brainstorming and this is the result from last nights Dremel session (About 1/2 hour):


57 Chevy with a Saleen Speedster center section  :D Thinking of Porsche 993 headlights to freshen up the front end. Stay tuned!!   (Oh, it will be down and dirty like this when done too!)







1969 1/12 Camaro Super GT Touring car.... ENGINE update 4-21-14

09 March 2014 - 05:04 AM

That's right! I am building a 1/12 scale 69 Camaro Super GT Series Touring car. 


I picked up the 69 Camaro Street Machine kit as a partially built gluebomb for FREE at a local show/swap, the fenders and quarters were from the 1/12 scale Doyusha BMW 3.5 CSL (also a built model not complete) Thanks to Casey for this model!! (Which I pounced on in the Trades section.)


Wanted to do something "out of the box" what with all this Foose stuff going on and such......so I came up with the idea to graft the widebody onto the Camaro, the wheels and hood I sourced from a DUB city toy Mustang I found at Walmart for $9.00..........so.... so far I have $9.00 into this build,  and the rest will be an ongoing test of my patience.  ;) So far this has been challenging to say the least!! There will be extensive amounts of Aerodynamics added to the body and it is still up in the air if I am going to leave the hood opening and add an engine or just do it curbside.......if I do add the engine it will be a 502 c.i. twin turbo.



This mess is where I am at currently:









Think this somewhat (only Camaro) for the finished body design \/