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Top fuel Hemi powered drag boat and trailer....WIP 7-13-14

11 July 2014 - 07:53 AM

I have begun building my boat that will be pulled behind my '57 Chevy Speedster AWD.


The boat hull was sourced from a child's toy I found...($10.99)....it was a plastic Scarab that was very close to 1/25 scale, it was motorized and would do circles when you turned the rudder on the rear. This of course held no significance to me whatsoever.......so I began gutting the boat out......pulled out the motor and wiring and removed the plastic that mounted the motor. I then sectioned out 1 inch off of the height of the hull and cut it down to 8 inches long. (the width of it was fine compared to the '57 thank goodness.) I had to build a new transom for it because of the shortening lengthwise but that wasn't too bad.


Ok, so here is the plan.....

-The powerplant and the prop drive (transfer case) for this build was donated to me by vintagedragcrazy (Vince) who has been a pivotal part of the early stages. BIG thank you to him!!

-The engine will include all the proper details of a Top Fuel engine including: fuel lines and hoses, wiring up BOTH magnetos, and a host of other details. 

-I plan on doing a WILD paintscheme on it like most dragboats you would see.

-The trailer will be a scratchbuilt twin axle on custom wheels and tires.


Pics will be later when I get home.....I am not that far along though so bear with me. This is for my NNL build for this coming year so I have plenty of time.

Could use a transfer case from a 4x4

09 July 2014 - 08:00 AM

Hey guys!


Looking for a 4 wheel drive transfer case for my prop drive on my drag boat build. Used parts/parts-box parts are ok by me.



Thanks for the help!!



Please delete........

28 June 2014 - 03:36 AM

Came up with something.......please delete


'57 Chevy Bel Air "Speedster" ALL WHEEL DRIVE NORTHSTAR pics UPDATE (6-21-14)

11 May 2014 - 04:32 AM

So I was visiting with DrKerry yesterday, he and I were shooting ideas back and forth of upcoming build ideas (Darn it he gets me going on new projects whenever we get together! :lol: )......I remember saying at one point that I had an idea to do something with a 57 Chevy kit I got in a recent trade. Then came the brainstorming and this is the result from last nights Dremel session (About 1/2 hour):


57 Chevy with a Saleen Speedster center section  :D Thinking of Porsche 993 headlights to freshen up the front end. Stay tuned!!   (Oh, it will be down and dirty like this when done too!)







1969 1/12 Camaro Super GT Touring car.... ENGINE update 4-21-14

09 March 2014 - 05:04 AM

That's right! I am building a 1/12 scale 69 Camaro Super GT Series Touring car. 


I picked up the 69 Camaro Street Machine kit as a partially built gluebomb for FREE at a local show/swap, the fenders and quarters were from the 1/12 scale Doyusha BMW 3.5 CSL (also a built model not complete) Thanks to Casey for this model!! (Which I pounced on in the Trades section.)


Wanted to do something "out of the box" what with all this Foose stuff going on and such......so I came up with the idea to graft the widebody onto the Camaro, the wheels and hood I sourced from a DUB city toy Mustang I found at Walmart for $9.00..........so.... so far I have $9.00 into this build,  and the rest will be an ongoing test of my patience.  ;) So far this has been challenging to say the least!! There will be extensive amounts of Aerodynamics added to the body and it is still up in the air if I am going to leave the hood opening and add an engine or just do it curbside.......if I do add the engine it will be a 502 c.i. twin turbo.



This mess is where I am at currently:









Think this somewhat (only Camaro) for the finished body design \/