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1/12 '69 Camaro Monogram

08 October 2013 - 06:07 AM

i guess everybody on this forum knows this kit..and by now  a lot have built it

i was looking for this kit for some time but they are not so common over here ,but after a year or so i found one on german Ebay..

always wanting to build me a large scale Z/28 ,i was a little dissapointed discovering that in this issue called 'street machine' (2816)..the kit doesn't include any of the Z/28 stripes..

so i packed it back up and kinda forgot about it..

a few months later i got me some inspiration and started of anyways..i don't stash i build..

this is what i ended up with...

knowing that not everybody likes the restified/pro touring thing..im sticking my neck out..

the colour is Mini/Bmw i had leftover on my workshopshelf from a paintjob done on a real Cooper S
normal automotive Standox bascoat with 2 comp clearcoat...and i didn't feel the need for polishing afterwards
the stripes are some normal black basecoat which i had real fun masking.(not)

i didn't wnt to change a lot of the cars original set up ,like butchering the big 427 Corvette for its engine so i stuck with the original small block...
although the Z/28 came with a high revving 302..i 'pretended',this one has a 350 with the super expensive crossram intake manifold ...
although i did add some brake and fuel lines etc ..this kit is pretty nice as is ,even if it's an old issue
unlike my 57,no factory overspray this time..restified remember?..pretty much boxstock except for the Bilstein shocks...
mostly stock Z/28 inside except for the wheel and gauge pod instead of the AM radio
the discbrakes are from  Revell's GT500 kit...wheels are Ebay...
by the way this was the first time ever
i used BMF on all the chrome trim except the bumpers ..they were damaged in the last 20 years anyways..the antenna is a piece of steel rod...
all the scripts/emblems are the Modelcargarage PE set which is a gift from heaven..drybrushing these things at this scale is near impossible ..
i hope you people like it...it took me 3 months to build in the limited free time i have..
still i'm hoping to find a real 1/12 Camaro kit..and build one stock..my guess is they will look nice together...
this will probably find it's home in the same vitrine like my 57 Belair..
considering i only plan on building 2-3  large scale cars a year it'll suffice 
next up it's a 1/8 '65 Corvette!..