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Two of the Craziest "Funny Cars" ever kitted by Revell....

13 April 2014 - 01:02 PM

I have finally finished my 47 year quest to add these to my collection!!! Seems silly, but when I was 9 years old, and walked in to the hobby shop only to see these....





I was hooked, but never did get them because back then Revell kits weren't the easiest to build. In the 80's Revell reissued the Miss Deal, and I bought several, but didn't build one until 2008. After that I knew that I had to have a Revellion to sit beside her, so in 2011, I accquired an original body minus hood. I already had several of the Tony Nancy double kits, so I had the correct chassis, I had reproduction decals made, but still no hood. After a three year search, just recently a member here had a hood!!! So, the desk was cleaned, and this grail was completed!!! A very special thank you to Mr. Chuck Darnell, and Mr. Ron Lambert for your help completing this 47 year old quest. One last thing, if you have ever seen a Dodge Revellion, team Revell back then in the frenzy kinda left the front end un-finished, so I took liberties, and made an aluminum grille filler, and some turned headlight covers, I think Bob Paeth & team would approve!!!








Fuel Coupe....

25 February 2014 - 04:52 PM

Here's my first build of the Slingster kit. Kudos to Revell for bringing this kit back to life in 1/25!!! A few resin bits, some detailing, scratch built brakes (that nobody will ever see.. :lol: ) little details, and working steering. I kept the body markings simple (for the moment), but I may add something along the line of 'Hot Tamale' the name of the fingernail polish the body is painted, who knows? I also used a set of Halibrand kidney bean wheels, and M&H tires from a Tony Nancy kit, I personally think the Slingster tires are way to small. On with the show....