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In Topic: Revell snap Peterbilt

Today, 01:31 PM


I like those RM snap trucks......I built this KWop last year.....


In Topic: Tony Stewart Case Goes to Grand Jury

Today, 04:45 AM

I get it Bob.........

Harry I see your side too.....but it's not how our system works.

If any one feels strong enough there are methods to change things.....but that will consume the rest of your life.

In Topic: Chevrolet Citation

Yesterday, 01:08 PM

A nice build....but best build ever of that kit!!!!!

I have a few of those in my stash....always thought it would make a great replica build!!!!

In Topic: i Hobby 2014

Yesterday, 12:59 PM




As long as Model Cars has no official presence there (as in a booth), I have no interest.


I was there several years ago, back when it was still held in Rosemont (before they decided to move the thing to Ohio). Model Cars had a booth and a presence there. Met a bunch of industry insiders, did the "networking" thing, had dinner with a few Revell bigwigs and Gregg, Bill Coulter, etc. And I went back again a second time, met up with Bill Coulter and Len Carsner and Sean Svendsen... but no Gregg and no official MCM presence there. Bill was covering the show for Gregg, but there was no MCM booth or any visible MCM participation, not even a banner.


I think MCM should have a presence there, and don't understand why we don't (I realize maybe Gregg himself couldn't get there, but some of us who live in the area like myself and Joe Handley and Gerry Paquette and others could easily have manned the booth), but that's not my decision to make. If we had a booth there, I'd be there... but just roaming around aimlessly? Not really interested.

WHY is MCM not in attendance??? I know the reason many companies don't.......COST!

Back in the day when iHobby (and RCHTA) was a REAL must attend I went on trade days and most years it was so big it took two days to cover.

Our retail arm carried plastic models, trains and die cast (and we manufactured some of these too) so it was a busy two days and 99% of the time I enjoyed it.

My personal story on cost???

It was my 2nd day at the show....at Rosemont. I had 15 pounds of catalogs etc in my show bag. It was near the end of the day....I was BEAT!

I stopped by a booth of a model railroad manufacture that we did a fair amount of business with.

My salesman was busy,,,,,so I waited. I saw a big stack of chairs next tot he booth. I walked the two feet and started to pull the top chair off the pile to sit.

I hear 'stop, stop, stop.....you can't do that!!!!'

I stop....and this guys runs up to me and explains I needed a Union guy to move any furniture. He said it would be about $5......I passed.

I made a comment to my sales guy when he got free......he said 'Don't ask me how much it cost me to get a electrical cord plugged into a socket!!"

Don't start a bash of how I am anti-union......It is a EXAMPLE of the cost company's face when showing at a trade show. And now that social media is almost FREE....I can see why the trade show is in decline.

In Topic: i Hobby 2014

Yesterday, 04:40 AM

Look forward to your report Gerry.........I chose NNL Toledo this year. I understand Revell and Moebius will be there.....and LOTS of old friends!!