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In Topic: We need a '27 Tee Roadster in plastic.

Today, 01:12 PM

Please, give us a '27 T. Agreed that including the existing engines from midget kits would be a great idea, maybe even a '31/'32 Banger. Look how well the Resin versions sell, if that's any indication a full kit would sell well.

In Topic: OK, what ever ya do on the new Model A kits, let's not get carried away.

Yesterday, 09:40 AM

That last Coupe in Greg's post #40 is probably one of the nicest in the whole thread so far. Including the American Graffiti Coupe whichever though fairly period correct has some visual flow issues for me, the height of the grill shell looks like it's going down hill. For a whole generation (myself included) the AG Coupe is an Iconic representative of early '60's Hot Rods, so we overlook the styling miscues, even if a serious Hot Rodder's would have tweeked them to look good back then.

Too many decent, well built Nostalgia, Period Correct, Traditional Hot Rods get "Branded" as a Rat Rod because the builder thinks patina and rust looks good. That's what ruins it for me, being raised around Hot Rodders during the early '60's where they cleaned, painted and shined up everything that went on their Hot Rods. Both my Uncles had nice Model A Coupes, (couldn't afford Deuces I guess) from what I remember there wasn't a lick of Rust or caked grease on them, (my brothers and I were enlisted more than once as parts washers, free labor, the price a kid had to pay to hang around in the garage) so maybe that's what ruins it for me.

Like someone posted, it's their car, build it the way you want to; maybe. Hot Rodding has and has had some long standing traditions, ugly flaking, faded paint, heavy rust, holes in bodywork, grease and caked on grime haven't been a part of that picture until lately. Sort of like "Historical Revision" where something didn't happen that way historically, but is changed in the history books because what really happened wasn't politically correct!!

In Topic: '65 Chevelle

29 June 2015 - 04:05 PM

Really love that wire trick on those pulleys that one pays off in a big way. Been around a while and have never seen anyone do that one, thanks a lot for sharing. Sometimes the simplest tricks and tweets look better than some of the expensive do-dads!

In Topic: 68 Camaro

29 June 2015 - 03:55 PM

Le Mans Blue has got to be my number one favoritest color on a Comaro White Stripes of any shape go so good with it. This is really turning out nice, paint work shines so sweet, love those wheels. It's gonna be a Beaut when it's finished!
Years ago I owned a Le Mans Blue with White Stripes and Black interior '69 RS SS Z/28 Camaro, one of three cars I've owned that I wish I'd never traded.

In Topic: Kits with Hemi engines

29 June 2015 - 03:03 PM

Interesting tour through the toolies with the aircraft and Non-Mopar Hemispherical Combustion Chambered Power Plants, and now back on topic, sorta.

I can pretty much differentiate between the little Red Ram Hemi and the 392's, everything is pretty much the same to me in scale. The later 426 Muscle Car Hemi is different enough that it is readily apparent that it is the Later Hemi, distributor placement being the first thing I notice.

The early Hemi's are all an interesting and cool alternative to the so often seen early Small Block Chevrolet engines in early and Traditional Hot Rods and Customs. Both the Small Block Chevrolet and Mopar Hemi's were the first OHV Domestic engines that Hot Rodder's could get their hands on in the wrecking yards. This alone is most of the reason that there were so many Go-Fast Goodies for these engines, check out a stack of "Little Pages" and you'll figure that out quickly! Love seeing both Early Hemi's and Small Block Chevy engines in the early Rods.