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In Topic: "Mothers Worry"

23 October 2014 - 04:27 AM

Simple... I disagree. If you go by partscount, yes. But the fit is just horrible, so if you want to have it decent, and not a gluebomb, it takes a good portion of cutting, cleaning, sanding and whatnot to make it fit. There are Tamiya kits with 1000 parts that build faster. 
I dunno if it's a legit model. I didn't rally care :)
Thank you all for the kind comments. Glad you like it.

Oh, no I wasn't referring that they were simple to make look right, I've spent more time on Roth and Weird Oh's kits making them look and fit right than I have any other kit I've ever done. That includes some garage kits that were pretty poorly executed.

The "Simple" comment refers to the number of parts, the way that they were intended to fit together. They were originally designed to be a quick easy builder which I sort of see as the "Snap Kits" of their day. (Even though they were not easy to put together.) The original Mother's Worry kit that I built really isn't a whole lot better fit wise than the later reissue, normally that's not the case.

it's really only been recently that I've seen these kits built with the attention they really deserve. No one ever really thought of using filler, or fitting them together correctly, you just needed to use a little more of that stinky glue to fill in the gaps and melt things together! At least that's what I've seen in the quality of craftsmanship with some of the ones I've picked up at garage sales and off of eBay.

Actually Revell did a pretty amazing job of taking Ed Roth's (or Newton's) renderings of Rat Fink, Mother's Worry, Drag Nut, Mr Gasser, Angel Fink... and all the others they made. Ed made some serious money on the sale of those kits too, until Revell sidestepped him and released them under the "Advent" brand under different names, those kits go for ridiculous money on eBay. Ed didn't get anything out of the deal until Revell probably got a cease and desist letter, which is why they probably weren't re-released until the late 80's early 90's timeframe. Even though the earlier releases were going for silly money for the time, model building as a whole hadn't experienced its second wind yet so it's even more amazing.

In Topic: Survivor '23T Track Roadster from 35 years ago

21 October 2014 - 05:08 AM

Tim I remember this one as well. It was a jaw dropper then, just as it is now. That paint has held up beautifully.

In Topic: "Mothers Worry"

21 October 2014 - 05:02 AM

Nice job, those are some pretty simple kits. They respond really well to a bit of imaginative detailing and scratch building. Like what you did with the shirt. I've seen Weldon's work on his versions of Mother's Worry and others, they're nice in their own sort of way. Like yours because you added your own details. Looks great!

I've got two Mother's Worry on the bench right now, that I'm building for my nephew. First one is a first issue,it is built stock with the exception of plug wires and a mural on the back of the shirt. I wanted to build it like a well built 60's model.

Second one is from the last release, which is being built with some additions, 389 heads from AMT original '36 Ford, blower from same or '40 Ford (parts given to me from late uncles stash), interior will be flocked, dropped front (resin) axle, scratch built quick change rear end, added bed from '56 Ford Pick Up not sure what vintage that part was, it is being painted with acrylic (Wicked Colors) will get a clear coat of polished future. Both models ride on stock wheels and tires.

I've built quite a few of the Roth Kits, didn't realize they were accepted here as legit models or I would have posted one or three. A lot of people look down on them and Weird Ohs, probably because they are so simple that they never got built by anyone other than kids.

Really hope that Ed Roth's widow would quit being so weird with releasing the rights to Ed's stuff. She is actively going after anyone who sells anything remotely related to Ed Roth's artwork, models or slogans, she wants money. She is the reason why Jimmy Flintstone quit selling his "original" mastered Ed Roth items. She wasn't even around Ed when he was doing his thing, she even discouraged Ed from doing his artwork, which is why after they moved to Utah that he only built a few "cars" and trikes. Too bad, there were a lot of interesting things that came from Ed's mind.

In Topic: Wicked Colors paint at Hobby Lobby

21 October 2014 - 03:49 AM

Spraying acrylic paints is sort of a learning curve for those of us who have sprayed toxic anything onto our models and other stuff for years.

Lacquer used to be kind of fun until the "lacquer buzz" turned into the "lacquer headache"! One of the automotive Art magazines I subscribe to has a monthly column on materials safety, seems a whole lot of us Old farts are getting sensitized to the chemicals we've used for many years. I've been pretty careful over the years, I got laughed at once or twice for wearing respirators while painting even with rattle cans, I've had a Paasche spray booth for a long time. I've noticed the weird side effects of using many of the paints was lessened just by using a few simple safety items and techniques some as easy as reading labels.

In Topic: How to radius rear wheel openings.

20 October 2014 - 02:47 AM

I've always made a template to transfer one side to the other. If I dont I never get them to match. I use the methods mentioned above, drum sander, sandpaper wrapped around the tire. The only thing that you have to watch with sandpaper around tire or other round object is remember to allow for enough clearance.