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In Topic: All new Western Star 5700 XE just unveiled - would this make a cool truck kit...

Today, 07:27 AM

Western Star is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG. Freightliner sells and services Western Star's at certain dealers but has no ownership of the brand. Western Star blows Freightliner away in overall quality, just like Brockway blew away Mack.


While I will not debate you over the quality if a Star, Daimler is also the parent group of both and also of Daimler Trucks North America, which you will see from this link has Freightliner, Western Star, and also Detroit and Thomas buses under "Our Brands".




While maybe my statement of Western Star being a Freightliner brand may not be correct, both are brands of Daimler so it would still make sense that if a company already has the license to use the Freightliner name, they should be able to use the Western Star name, and maybe that is a good reason the AMT Western Star was reissued after so many years.

In Topic: All new Western Star 5700 XE just unveiled - would this make a cool truck kit...

Today, 05:21 AM

Talk to Italeri. They have a license.


Actually, any company with a Freightliner license would be able to release it, Western Star is afterall a Freightliner brand now.

In Topic: Problems with my '99 Silverado custom model kit.

14 September 2014 - 05:25 PM

would you be talking about your big blue one

Well actually it's only blue in certain light! Yes, that is the one I was reffering to, though. The Rustoleum Color shift I used on both the cab and the frame was $20 a can when I started that project, and now nearly $25 a can, and it took one and a half cans for the hood, cab, and sleeper and almost a whole can for the frame, and that doesn't include the price of the black undercoat for the color shifting effect and the primer or clear coat. All total I probably have close to $80 wrapped up in the paints for that paint job.

In Topic: Where can i find these (Chicken-Light)

12 September 2014 - 06:28 AM

It's gotta be England and their 'fleece' program.




I did have a two tone blue Classic as well the first time I worked with Werner, but it was the red one I made the truck payment on. Three months of my driving career I really would wish I hadn't done, some of the stupid things we do when we were young!

In Topic: cb antenna

11 September 2014 - 07:56 PM

Have you considered making one ? just grab some stiff wire of appropriate thickness wrap the end around say a metal axle several times trim to size and BOOM cb antenna that looks better than any kit supplied item .


Also, for one without a coil at the bottom like a fiberglass whip on a big rig, hold a piece of sprue over a candle just enough to heat the sprue to near melting and gentle stretch the sprue apart and BAM, instant antenna! It takes some practice, but the materials come in the kit! :lol: