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  1. Very nice build up. I love the colours!
  2. Very nice build of one of my very favorite cars!
  3. That's a nice pair, and I want to stress, I mean that in a totally NOT weird way. ? lol.
  4. I agree, I blew the pics up, but hard to see brush lines.
  5. I love the body styling of these old Lincoln's. Nice save!
  6. Wow the color, and wheels, freakin gorgeous. Nice work! I'd love to see some shots of the interior. Thanks for explaining the mods and custom wheel & tire combination.
  7. Thanks for posting pics of the 1:1 that this build up represents, as well as, explaining lol the mods. I feel with the right background that this model would pass as a real car. Very nicely done.
  8. Very nice paint and the engine is beautifully done.
  9. Beautiful build, nice engine work!
  10. Man the color and wheels are killer! The mods you did, beautifully executed. I wish I could get this much done on a three day weekend????
  11. You've got a great collection of these older kits. Cool looking kit and very nice build up!
  12. Very nicely done. Very cool subject. It reminds me of the vette van model.
  13. Very nicely done! I'm always very impressed by the detail on this board. Nice.
  14. I'm not a huge fan of yellow but this looks really, really good. Very nice job!
  15. darthsideous


    I really love the color!
  16. Nice clean build. I really like the colour.
  17. Not a green fan, but this looks really good! ?
  18. darthsideous

    '67 GTX

    Nice, really like the color
  19. Man just a beautiful build of a very mean looking car!
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