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  1. A Mack never stops being a Mack, nice build. I bet those trees and shrubs in the pics are so big now and well overgrown.
  2. The hoses and the standpipe and all those small things came with a 1988 made in West Germany! accessories set , it was one of a kind on ebay for 15 dollars free shipping i bought it about 23 sec after it was listed, i happend to run into it that way when i was browsing, i still can not find the fire fighters figure set.
  3. Thank you, working on a Diamond Reo soon after the car trailer, well i got a nice lot here for 2022!
  4. I figured 2 trucks are better than one, my recent builds a cab over mack which was very hard to assemble but worth the 4 am yelling at own shadow... Will be finished up a car hauler for it shortly. A pic of the ramp I plated with tape
  5. A big thanks from Macungie PA out here, did not even know this mack existed! Thank you for supporting Mack Trucks of Allentown PA ( obviousoy now in macungie and SC)
  6. Its very good just use some thinner can be rather thick, and opening them is somewhat of a pain i just poured many into empty tamiya bottles for easier use. They offer nice euro colors that really give you some sort of german/austrian feel. The paints love red primer.
  7. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I present you the euro truck fire pumper build by Revell which was absolutely awesome to put together and had almost 0 fitment issues other than the cab and fenders. Over 300 parts almost and very complicated painting, this thing ate 2 cans of rustoleun primer, aluminum, over 10 Revell tinlets of fiery red and aluminum. A paint eater for Sure and 2 rolls of blue tape. I don't have time now because I'm already sanding the Mercedes lf 16 kit, haha hope you like this and get inspired to do more fire trucks!
  8. Not from H town but i get the topic of this build, the 83 and 84 swangas and the chop and screw lean music of Texas, Paul Wall and Lil c and such. Very awesome
  9. Wow I normally sort of shrug off the mustang builds due to their numbers but man this is the best I have seen yet, they really did mod that one right for the modern streets
  10. Not exactly as yellow cabs but I guess your vintage version of black car or uber lux (black), many were black or of Grey gun metal like color, dark blue was common too.
  11. Good stuff, many have driven as TLC in the early 80s in NYC (Taxi and limousine commission) Picking up those wealthy Goldman and sachs employees going to CT. Now they all go to Penn station! No good.
  12. The sunliner is a build for the coming summer sporting a color scheme that reminds me of a wasp. The mass cruiser is done just needs interior installed but it is the same as many of my other Ford cruisers, but the outside is complete. Possibly one of my most intimidating cruisers to be honest. Something about this one.
  13. Yeah pictures are not showing up. Waiting to see the 77 caddy.
  14. They are rather common at the moment with their santa fe kit. Great build. Grab them now i doubt they will last before ending being 90 dollars on ebay.
  15. Any car kit is fine after a few a model or eastern express Soviet airplane kits, I love them though
  16. You can try reflective tape I use it sometimes cuts like bmf with knife. Stay away from ultra bright chrome, regular chrome is still fine.
  17. Oh wow i am amazed at the double axle, i am going to also try to make a pumper truck in yellow to honor the nancy run vol department by my house. The decals will not match the real truck but it will be the best i can do.
  18. Very nice i have once seen something this large on 2nd avenue in nyc making its way, amazing how he got through here.
  19. Took about a month to finish all box stock and rustoleum paints as well as testors to airbrush small parts, very hard kit in terms of fitment I did not glue the cab or anything not many parts had mounting points so I made them with a small drill and copper wire. The basket brackets would not glue on otherwise. Decals are done letter by letter I did my best but I know they are a little twisty. The smaller phila decals are custom and fall apart in seconds but I still got them on. Perhaps it's not entirely historicaly accurate, I certainly wish there was more fire truck choices. The German ones are gonna be my next build.
  20. Wow this reminds me of the movie Bronx tale, very nice one of my favorite
  21. Thank you! Excuse the dust cant wait for summer to open all windows and not have so much dust settle on the models so fast. Paint on all the cars was mostly Rustoleum cans and pilot silver and gold markers.
  22. Finished 5 of these around same time started maybe December. Vermont state police, 65 thunderbird, 62 thunderbird, 62 Catalina, 70 impala fire chief, 66 suburban Scranton fire truck, I don't know if Scranton had such a truck but I'm sure if they did it would be useful. Small ladder to climb them doubles. And a pic of my stash.
  23. Thank you, there are some sweet 1/16 kits by this brand i never really noticed called minicraft, https://www.ebay.com/itm/SEALED-Minicraft-Model-Kits-1935-Morgan-Three-Wheeler-1-16-Scale-11241-RARE/353395555464?hash=item5248043c88:g:yHcAAOSwJWFgMvNi I just got their 1/16 55 gullwing and after inspecting it i find it to be a very high end kit for only 42 dollars with shipping. Also as posting this i found their Rolls royce for 30 dollars free shipping, and snapped it haha. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Minicraft-Rolls-Royce-Silver-Cloud-Model-Kit-1-24-Mint-Factory-Sealed/353337622876?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Looks like my building for the summer is set.
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