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  1. purepmd added a post in a topic Snap Pete   

    That is a very sharp looking build! Mix and match at it's best! Very well done, Rick.
  2. purepmd added a post in a topic 1969 Mack F Daycab (AITM) with Flatbed Trailer - Plus Tutorial: Glazing Resin Cabs without Glue   

    Jurgen, outstanding Mack! I like to hear all commentary about a build, good and bad, tends to give one a greater appreciation of the end result. Love your work.
  3. purepmd added a post in a topic IHC CO4090A Super Transtar Finally Done!   

    That is one Brawny Binder. Very well executed modifications, combined with a purposeful direction, just scream, "HEAVY DUTY". Love it.
  4. purepmd added a post in a topic kenworth w900   

    Greg, Welcome to the wonderful world of model building. I wish my second build would have looked like that. 40+ years ago, I was armed with un-thinned Pactra 1/4oz jars and those black, nylon bristled Testors brushes. Looked like it was painted with cake frosting when I was done. Nice job on that KW. Keep up the good work.
  5. purepmd added a post in a topic 71 Freightliner   

    Thanks a lot Gino, now I have another 'must do' build in my head. Saved that picture off the Internet a good while ago, now, the urge just got turned up. Looks great.
  6. purepmd added a post in a topic Big Moe and Minime   

    Clayton is right on target, the Autocar is cool, but I really am liking that little Ford.
  7. purepmd added a post in a topic Anyone use Alclad?   

    Hey Mike, sent you a P.M. about the next time I will have the Alclad loaded in the airbrush.
  8. purepmd added a post in a topic Time for a switch in jobs. I'm gonna have a shiney hiney!   

    The best of luck to you Clayton. Loyalty does not put food on the table. Good drivers are worth their weight in gold, with all the steering wheel holders out there. I hope this is the right place and time for you and your families sake. By the way, that is one sweet gravel hauler. Stay safe out there.
  9. purepmd added a post in a topic Anyone use Alclad?   

    Mike, I would like to offer a couple of words of encouragement and advice if I might. I do not claim to be an expert, by any means, but I want to share my results.
    I use both Alclad and Spas Stixx, another version of Alclad, and have gotten, what I think are very satisfactory results. What I think is the trick, for me anyway, is lots of VERY light coats, and after it has cured overnight, polish with a dry Qtip. I have a Passche VL that has a control to limit the trigger's rearward travel, limiting the amount of material picked up. By setting it so low, you have to watch the surface you are painting to see the SLOW color change. Build the coats very slowly, let it dry, rub it with a Qtip, and this is the result. I have even used S n J polishing powder, finely ground aluminum,  in conjunction with Alclad with really good results. The wheels are pieced together Italeri and Revell parts and the tanks, quarter fenders, and visor are kit parts mist-coated until very bright and then polished. It is fairly easy to do, just time consuming. But patience really does pay off. A little practice and anyone can get this look. 
  10. purepmd added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Entry 84" CLASSIC XL TOP CHOP   

    Hey Guys, just making my check call for April. Been working on the floor/firewall unit, chassis, and started the resin engine. Getting the front cab mounts and sleeper air ride knocked out is this weekend's plan. will post pics soon.
  11. purepmd added a post in a topic Tough Glamour: Autocar A-64B   

    What Terry said! Now, given these results, I am sorry Inever picked one of these up. Superb results.
  12. purepmd added a post in a topic Pacemaker Pete with Shell Tanker   

    Exactly right! 
  13. purepmd added a post in a topic Just another snap pete   

    JT hit the nail on the head! Beyond cool.
  14. purepmd added a post in a topic Kenworth KW 523 Bullnose   

    Michael, this build is simply superb. That little KW turned out beautiful. Outstanding work!
  15. purepmd added a post in a topic New Brush Truck Started   

    Nice work does not even come close to describing this build. Outstanding.