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  1. Glad indeed. Hope the Styrene Therapy speeds your recovery.
  2. That is really sharp, well done.
  3. Very true! have a terrific 'big fleet' look.
  4. A big Thank You to all who have viewed and responded to this post. I appreciate the feedback. Jerry, the Moebius wheels are a little small for the axle pins on the Revell axles. The conical lock for the snap together assembly method is just on the far side of forcing it together. Now I did mine the hard way, I wrapped the pins with some 180 grit auto body sand paper. and worked it back an forth until the wheels slid on. At first, I just snipped off the lock, but that makes the disappear under the fenders way to far. The total you need to remove is, probably, .020, give or take a bit. Not much, but enough to complicate things if you don't. Hope this helps. Mark.
  5. Now this is cool. Love the race transporters. Got an Indy car hauler I need to finish the race care for. Very slick.
  6. Man, I LOVE scratch built stuff that turns out like this. Mega props to you.
  7. Really liking this build, the work really paid off.
  8. Awesome old work horse put out to pasture. You see every mile on this old gal. Well done.
  9. Martin Penwald would be proud of the is replica of his "beautiful black truck". Quack, quack.
  10. Thank you Gentlemen, I appreciate all the kind words. DJ, you are so right, maintaining a perfect arc, with wedges of decal film, is an experience. Jurgen, that occurred to me as well. After seeing a couple of Peterbilt factory photos of all white, frame and all, and thought 'why not'.
  11. Outstanding, as always, KJ.
  12. Now that is what I call 'Star power. I know, a groaner, but the build is way sharp looking.
  13. Dr. is right, so nice, hard to look away.
  14. Dennis is right, you almost always tell the "Gilkeson Effect". Outstanding visual appeal.
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