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  1. purepmd added a post in a topic Mack flatbed   

    Very nice conversion.
  2. purepmd added a post in a topic Fleet Pete   

    Another knockout. JT. In it's own right, as cool as the first. Just a quick aside about the Italeri chassis. I have got mine all cut up, the sleeper, cab, hood, and bumper separated, and the  377 frame looks very close. Once you cut out the screw stanchions, from under the hood, it can be hinged pretty easily. A firewall can be fabbed with a little sheet stock, and TA-DA. You really did start a sales boom for New Ray with these.
  3. purepmd added a post in a topic New Ray Pete 579 Rework   

    "Detoyed" is right! Major difference! So glad i got one. I would have let this opportunity go by, if it were not for this model. Awesome eye for potential you have there.
  4. purepmd added a post in a topic 1/24 scale kenworth w900   

    now that is one slick custom! Great color combination, super clean assembly, and a whole lot of COOL mixed in. Very well done!
  5. purepmd added a post in a topic Autocar DC7584 twin steer mixer   

    What a really tough looking truck! Really like the twin steer setup, takes the cool factor to a whole new level. Very Well Done!
  6. purepmd added a post in a topic TAT 2017: 1955 IH RDFC 405   

    What a crazy, cool, cornbinder. Which ever way you go, tribute, or restored. It is going to be a real gem. Cant wait.
  7. purepmd added a post in a topic 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne   

    This is going to be very cool! Very unusual combination. Very nice work so far.
  8. purepmd added a post in a topic Western Star wrecker   

    Now that is a cool combination. Great color and use of the decals. Even the spokes look great, and I am an Alcoa nut. A beauty for sure.
  9. purepmd added a post in a topic Valve cover help   

    Tanner, in 44 years of modeling, I can't recall seeing something out-of-the-box that is close enough. I am assuming you are building the Monogram 1/24th kit. I think your best bet, would be to find 1/24th Big Block Chevy covers, (they have the slightly domed top, and the same, 3 on one side, and 4 on the other indention pattern), and enlarge the bolt reliefs a little, reshape the ends, and then make a corrected gasket flange out of some .010 or .015 sheet.  Just an idea. Good luck.
  10. purepmd added a post in a topic Post pics of your custom fuel injection setups   

  11. purepmd added a post in a topic glue bom save peterbilt 377   

    Nice save, Jacobus! Over here, a lot of over the road trucks, when they are traded in, or sold by the original owner, get turned into daycabs. A used daycab tractor is worth more than a used road tractor. If the fenders and skirts, over the boxes, were black, your model would look almost exactly like the truck I drove for a sand and gravel company, years ago. Pulled a dark blue, three axle, belly dump with it. Looks awfully familiar. Well done!
  12. purepmd added a post in a topic TAT 2017 build: Western Star Cabover   

    Just doing the first monthly update, 02/03/17. Actually have made progress. All the flat panels for the front, rear, and sides, for all 3 cabs are cut out and shaped. 1 Western Star cab is almost assembled. Got the after-cooler built, along with new pulleys, for the Cat 3406. It is painted, plumbed, and has the individual belts, a power steering pump, and air conditioning compressor on it. The transmission has a detailed shift tower, and air splitter plumbing, to help it out. By the way, if you want a cheap, readily available, more than acceptable Cat yellow, check out Krylon Bauhaus Gold. Picked up a can at Wally World, and was very pleasantly surprised. Less than 1/3 of the price of a can at the Cat dealer.
    I will have pictures before any primer goes on the cabs, that is the plan, as of now.
    Thank you all for the kind words, and views.
  13. purepmd added a post in a topic 1/24 New Ray 579 (Update 02-08-2017) Got 'em back together   

    JT, this is all your fault! lol. Yet again, one of your ideas became so infectious, I was forced to take action. First, I had to use orange and black on my needle nose Pete, and now I had to get on ebay and acquire one of these toys, so that it can be made into a model. I knew I was bitten right after I found the picture of the black truck I added last night. I am not a big fan of the aerodynamic rigs manufactured this century, I know I am a dinosaur, (cabovers still the favorite, always will be), but after seeing your side by side shots, and your eagerness to tear into this and make it the basis for a model, it dawned on me, that this is really not that different then getting a molded cab and sleeper in a kit. Not to mention, the 579 is a great looking truck. I have an Italeri 377 chassis left over, a resin, Cummins, Signature 600, that, with the addition of all the emission junk, and a black valve cover, will more than pass for the ISX available in the 579. A set of Jamie's resin Peterbilt wheels, and a raiding of the scrapbox, and we're in business.
    Like I said, JT, it is all your fault, and I THANK YOU, my friend, for the inspiration.
  14. purepmd added a post in a topic TAT Kenworth W9 Bicentennial ~Update 02/01~   

    Dramatically better! That is about the only real drawback to the 3406 in these kits, pretty easy fix though, looks a lot better. Really like the Bicentennial direction for the build, too.