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  1. Finally getting around to the May check in. Making some progress on the chassis, slow and steady, as they say. Hope for pics soon.
  2. TAT. Dodge LS 1000 SD Finished

    Hey Dan, my experience with wood lined trailers, is pretty much dry vans, but thier doors do have wood cores, but aluminum skins on BOTH sides. My thoughts are because of the increases in exposure to weather, when open, the wood core needs to be protected, as much as possible. Dry vans frequently stand on docks, for extended periods of time, in all weather conditions, and exposed plywood would begin to degrade quickly. It also adds to the rigidity of the door, which flex a great deal more than refer doors, with all thier insulation. As far as moving vans, I can see arguments for both. Wood, being softer, absorbs impacts from large home furnishings, lessening the chance of surface damage to the cargo, and will not transfer aluminum residue from abrasions. But, all the same reasons for dry vans still apply, but a lesser degree concerning the weather rot. Beg bug trailers are only open when loaded and unloaded. My first choice, for what it is worth, would be to go with wood. It would be both functional for the trailer type, and look way cool on the model. Builder's choice best applies here.
  3. 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne

    Really think the old school bed bugger was a super choice for the way to go with this build. Outstanding job.
  4. TAT 2017 MACK A

    Jacobus, this is one very cool old Bulldog. Love the yellow, good choice.
  5. Mark, looks great, so far. Jamie's stuff is second to none. They really look perfect on your KW.
  6. TAT. Dodge LS 1000 SD Finished

    Just gets better and better the farther you get. I knew this was a great subject, but you execution takes it to a new level. Well done.
  7. Like Nitro said, these little work horses are all over the place, with Nebraska Department of Roads markings out here. Great work so far.
  8. Got the makings of a very cool custom. So far so very good.
  9. 1981 Kenworth K100

    Beautiful work, as always, KJ. Love your KWs.
  10. 579 & Refer Trailer

    Really liking the interior, NICE work, JT!
  11. Just adding the monthly check in. I want to thank all for the kind words of encouragement and interest. They are greatly appreciated. I have made some progress, The White drop rail frame, with the correct cross members, and corrected front springs is together. This weekend, the cab floor / doghouse is being constructed. Took one of the Revell snap 3406 engines and built an aftercooler, removed the molded in starter, and made belt pulleys for individual belts. Hope to have pictures soon. Happy modeling.
  12. TAT KW wrecker

    Nice work, Tom! Love that green! I, too, like repurposing decals. Great results with yours.
  13. Sorry about the picture not loading, here is attempt 2. I was looking at Tamiya black and titanium silver, and red outline.
  14. Rick, go for it! There are some great reference photos on any image search, and there is valuable info at Whiteroadcommander.de, the form of many brochure scans. If you have a KFS resin kit, it makes it so much easier. I found, at the website, the BBC measurements for all three hood lengths. The long hood version I am doing, is 152 inches. That calculates to 160 millimeters in 1/24th scale. The cab itself, has a 88 inches, front to back, and 15 mm narrower. The sides of my hood measure 72 millimeters, and the trailing edge is about 3 to 4 millimeters away from the cab front /firewall. Add 2 mm to the front and if I remember, 14 or 15 mm to the rear of the wedge, added to the AMT Road Boss hood. Add 6 mm to the side, above the fenders. The longest sections of the AMT hood, will need to be shortened a little over 8 mm. This is the paint job mine is going to get. Oh, FYI, Detail Master has a photo etched, rectangular grille mesh that is super close to the grille on the RB, and RB2. Good luck, keep us posted!
  15. Another Kenworth K100

    Well done, KJ. Another awesome tribute to the golden age of trucking. I think you could build a hundred of these and each would be unique and spectacularly done. Keep it up.