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  1. I got the base color on the body today. The clear came out a little peely but I'll smooth it out before I apply the decals. I also clearcoated most of the cf decal parts.
  2. Thanks a lot everyone ! It was a fun build, now I'm building the R8 to go with it.
  3. I really liked the way my NuNu M8 came out so I decided to give it a racing companion.
  4. This is my build of the NuNu M8 GTE. I added decals and their upgrade kit.
  5. Looks awesome! Makes me want to build a gasser.
  6. This is our clubs new website. It's a work in progress and pretty bare right now but here it is Hey, check out my website, "South Carolina Model" with this link: https://www.charlestonmodelers.com/
  7. Thanks!, the rims are by dancing bear and the centers are photo etch that come in tge tge scale lab 24 kit.
  8. Thanks for sharing your method. What do you use for burnishing fluid ?
  9. Looking Awesome ! How did you paint the chrome/polished aluminum parts ? They look really good.
  10. I contacted Tamiya and they said that it must have been done on a Monday and that they would send me new ones. But I am skeptical since my old release kit and new release version both have it.
  11. I will definitely contact them but I'm trying to get it finished for the Atlanta show.
  12. I used that stuff on a paint job and it all cracked a few years later
  13. On the Tamiya porsche 1/12 935. There are lines in the clear parts that I'm not sure what to do with. On the windshield and back glass there are lines going from top to bottom right in the middle. I thought they were scratches but I sanded and polished them and they're better but still slightly visible. The side glass' have these weird curvy lines. I have a backup kit for extra parts just in case and the clear parts have the same lines.
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