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  1. Surprised the Sceptre was downstairs.... Went there 2 years ago.If I remember I'll post some pictures
  2. Then again you could go racing...Even in a cheaper series a weekend is not for the faint of heart... $500 car my a55!
  3. They still hurt like heck when you step on one in the middle of the night
  4. Some progress and a question... How do I fix the glue spot on the windshield? Stupid mistake! I do have the Testors "clear parts cement & window maker" Was thinking of flowing that out but figured I'd ask first HOLY CRUD THOSE PICTURES ARE HUUUGGGEEE!
  5. Going to the Detroit Autorama in March . Just saw this hobby shop (Pasteiner's Hobby) mentioned in an article.. Looks interesting but the website doesn't really mention model car kits. Is it worth checking out?
  6. Lot's of businesses have shrinkwrap machines...The same ones that the models were originally wrapped in I bought a "sealed" model that way and when I opened it it was apparent someone was in there already... Not happy but it was only $20
  7. Looks good.....I'm trying to relive my youth through building the showrods that I had as a kid
  8. Started this a couple months ago. I had built one when I was 10 or so and think I can do a better job this time around I want to weather it and add some bullet damage Are there any good how to's on that?
  9. Two of my toys...... Daily is a company ratty pick up
  10. Got mine last Friday the 22nd.. Canton Ohio area. Only issue I have with the issue was some of the show pics look like they were taken in a cave at night. But there was a PSA on how to take good quality ones in the magazine so hopefully it won't happen again
  11. Here is the 1:1 shortened Chrysler from Hot Rod https://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-1107-1959-chrysler-imperial-speedster/
  12. Pretty sure the kits would sell well....How many musmarcudas can you build?
  13. I like it and it reminded me of this from Detroit Autorama
  14. Very nice...Back when NASCAR rides looked like real cars and not blobs
  15. I'll bet the prices will go up 30%. The tariff is I think 25% Then after the tariffs are rolled back prices will drop 10% Capitalism at it's best
  16. How hard would it be for a manufacturer acquire an unbuilt kit and scan it into a CAD CAM to cut the tooling? The days of pantographs and hand tooling molds are pretty much gone aren't they?
  17. I guess I should have dusted it off....Dang model bench is in my basement wood shop
  18. Just finished this up...Redid the paint twice and I keep trying to better my abilities.. I did one similar to this as a kid with Jade green faded over silver. Tried that and didn't work on this one
  19. Also parts are available on Ebay...Bad ones get parted out
  20. Crusader 101...They go for good money on Ebay. I had one as a wee lad. Saw one at a swap meet at a very nice price and bought it. Put it on Ebay and tripled my moolah Barbie doll collectors want them as they are pretty much the right scale from what I was told
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