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  1. Here is the 1:1 shortened Chrysler from Hot Rod https://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-1107-1959-chrysler-imperial-speedster/
  2. Pretty sure the kits would sell well....How many musmarcudas can you build?
  3. I like it and it reminded me of this from Detroit Autorama
  4. Very nice...Back when NASCAR rides looked like real cars and not blobs
  5. ratdoggy

    '55 Chevy

    Really nice!
  6. I'll bet the prices will go up 30%. The tariff is I think 25% Then after the tariffs are rolled back prices will drop 10% Capitalism at it's best
  7. How hard would it be for a manufacturer acquire an unbuilt kit and scan it into a CAD CAM to cut the tooling? The days of pantographs and hand tooling molds are pretty much gone aren't they?
  8. I guess I should have dusted it off....Dang model bench is in my basement wood shop
  9. Just finished this up...Redid the paint twice and I keep trying to better my abilities.. I did one similar to this as a kid with Jade green faded over silver. Tried that and didn't work on this one
  10. Also parts are available on Ebay...Bad ones get parted out
  11. That would look great as a low rider
  12. Crusader 101...They go for good money on Ebay. I had one as a wee lad. Saw one at a swap meet at a very nice price and bought it. Put it on Ebay and tripled my moolah Barbie doll collectors want them as they are pretty much the right scale from what I was told
  13. Just 15 years? That's nothing Probably for most people it's 40 Welcome!
  14. Thanks.... I went back and forth with the color
  15. Nice! I bought the Stroker's Surf Rod and looking forward to building it!
  16. Been working on this on and off for months. Problems with the paint and on and on... Finally in the home stretch
  17. I bought the Model Car Garage seat belt photo etch set. What I need are some pictures that have used them. They don't come with any directions and I would like to see how you did them please..
  18. The 348 in the kit. I'm wiring it up and making spark plug boots for it (first attempt) .....
  19. Started this a couple weeks ago and now mocking up tires and wheels
  20. Like he said.. I own a 1:1 '62 Hardtop The other thing is if you don't have the roof "up" you'll need to put it in the trunk folded up for when you open the trunk. Of course there have been several "parade cars" that are hardtops that have had the roof cut off. Those wouldn't have a canvas top and the truck would open the way you did it.
  21. Karl here are some pictures of the car at Glenmoor
  22. I'm also building one now...Wondering which way to go with it.
  23. As the title says I'm going to start using the airbrush. Are there any good videos of the basics? Tips also would be appreciated
  24. One can only wonder...I drive past a Kia dealer that has one out front and it's calling me....Even though I do like my wife's 2015 200 with a V6
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