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  1. AMT Construction Bulldozer

    I see that Jim Botaitis at JBot decals has made the Caterpillar decals for the D8 Bulldozer
  2. 4 X 4 1966 Suburban

    as far as I have found out the Australian one did have 4 wheel steering. they accomplished this by using a front axle and hooking it up to the front steering. one article i have read said this truck cost around 80,000 in the1960s.
  3. 4 X 4 1966 Suburban

    Those are Johnson Elevation Meters and are used for transferring elevations long distances. They were hooked up to a onboard computer and would record changes in elevations as you drove. Canada, Australia as well as the United States Geological Survey used them. They are also equipped with an air system to monitor and adjust tire pressure. the last one was used in the early 70s. from the USGS web site A Johnson Elevation Meter mounted in a four-wheel-drive GMC Suburban 1960 model K1001 truck. The slope angle of the road was measured by a sensitive electronic pendulum, and the distance was measured by the fifth wheel. An onboard computer solved for the difference in elevation ten times per second. In areas of moderate relief with an adequate net of relatively smooth roads, these instruments were capable of establishing elevations within 2 feet while traveling at speeds approaching 30 miles per hour. suburban.pdf
  4. 4 X 4 1966 Suburban

    Thank you
  5. 4 X 4 1966 Suburban

    I am looking to see if anyone has any information on the front wheel drive for the 1966 4 X 4 Suburban. I am trying to build a USGS survey truck from that era using the Revell kit.
  6. NAPCO Conversion

    Thank you everybody. I never pick the easy projects if I can find a parts drawing or a frame drawing showing me the front drive set up I should be able to pull it off. I will ask over in the truck forum.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has done the NAPCO Conversion on any trucks, I am thinking of using the Revell 66 Suburban and making it a USGS survey truck.
  8. Looking for Tires

    I was afraid of that. Thank you
  9. Looking for Tires

    I am looking for a couple of tires for the Entex 1/16 scale MG TC. does anyone have a partial kit they might want to part with. I am making a Peking-Paris Rally car and need a couple of spares. Thanks
  10. I have the jaws of life that I got from American Industrial Truck Models
  11. Audi Quattro

    Cant wait to see how this goes. The Quattro has long been one of my favorite rally cars and I have several of the Tamiya kits in my stash.
  12. '55 crew

    What an awesome job! looks fantastic, I have to go the other way take a crew cab and make it a two door cab (The Meng F-350)
  13. Calling All Units

    This Magnum was built as part of a challenge thrown out to several of the south Florida clubs by my friend Adam (AKA Modeltruckmafia) to build the kit anyway we want so I combined the running gear from the tomb raider jeep with the magnum ( have to keep it all Chrysler) I use the Alaska trooper decals because which department could use it more? And besides I like the bear. This was my first major conversion it went well. Hope you all like it.
  14. July 4th Build Off! - finish them yet?

    Well almost finished the 71 Ranger is a nice kit this one was just a work truck the colors belong to a local construction company from years ago I will try again next year.
  15. July 4th Build Off! - finish them yet?

    Day 2. Body is painted, frame is complete and painted, engine is together and primed and interior is ready for foil and detail painting I just might make it. We will see