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  1. I just lick mine. Sure my paintjobs tend to be crappy. But it tastes sooooooo good.
  2. Thanks Joe trying to add an update but the forum is going wonky on me! Not much of an update yet again, still chipping away at different aspects of the build. This is where it's at at the moment: Front end lowered and in place, can't really get any lower! And the pic looks like the front wheel is not centred in the wheel arch but it actually is, just the lens angle makes it look out of whack because it is slightly inset. The rear is lowered with the frame tubbed and c'd. Lowering blocks are used so the springs can maintain their original mounts and position in the relocated frame rails. Door jambs are about done, have still got to mount the hinges inside the body and slot the jambs for them, but it is incredibly tight which is why I have had to split the interior, which is to aid the addition of the roll cage also.
  3. I built the Firebird as a kid. The body unfortunately got squashed during a move and I eventually took it all apart and turfed the shell and chassis, but kept everything else in spare boxes. Luckily enough, as I have been contacted by someone who needs the parts! So we are trading my parts for some kits of his. I do wish I could have sourced another body myself, as I have fond memories as it was a present from my folks. But if it can help someone else out to finish their build, I am glad to be of help.
  4. Jeepers man... your eyesight must be fantastic! I gotta squint to even look at the pics on here, and I have a 32" monitor/tv! Yeah the spare treatment is always a winner. But you are definitely taking it to the next level. Way to go John! Just don't let anyone talk you into doing valve stems
  5. This has win written all over it. Very nice build. Congrats.
  6. I'm always a fan of old pro streeters. Keep it up bud.
  7. Measure twice. Bend once. Measure again. Re-bend. Test fit. Toss out. Hide all sharp objects. Start again. Truth Joe, that looks awesome. Perfect scale and clean fitting. I'm jealous.
  8. Ah so THAT's how they're supposed to look! Sweet finish and stance mate. Looks really good.
  9. Looks like you'll just have to build a rotating display base with little LED flood lights to show it off matey She's really looking ace. Clean as and downright sweet.
  10. Absolutely spiffy work as per usual Jim. These babies are gonna look awesome when you're done.
  11. From The Parts Box: The Ford 170 Pursuit 6 cyl Holden (GMH) straight 6, can be from 161ci to 202ci And the 186 X2 version which had twin down draught Strommies An early Offenhauser A 2JZGTE with a rather large turbo And he has 4 versions of the SR20DET
  12. I have one of those! Gonna get a re-do now that I have alclad and other goodies to do it properly (sorry if I hijacked your thread!)
  13. Little bit of progress. Still working the door jambs and I have added some styrene to the dash sides to work it into the jambs. Also added a strip to the rear of the dash so the gap is not visible when the windscreen is added, plus giving it something to sit on. Pics:
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