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  1. I turn 64 in another week. I did a 71 mile bike ride today (thats a pedal bike, no motor), with 3700 ft of climbing. And I didnt come home and flop on the couch. Its all good!
  2. That is a really nice build! I really like it
  3. That is really clean. Nice build!!
  4. TaxDude; A Colnago! Very nice! Ive never ridden one, but I know people who own them and they swear by them. That is a brand with some serious history
  5. TaxDude, if we were closer, Id be out riding with you. Cycling is my #1 passion. I do 100-120 miles a week. 6 weeks ago, I just got a new Cannondale Synapse, so I can do some gravel riding. Cause there is a ton of state land near me. Jeff
  6. I have that exact spray booth. I have a (semi) permanent spot for ot, so I hard lined the exhaust to the window. I also duct taped all the corners. It makes it a little stable. I cover the inside with paper and change it before spaying any bodies Ive been using it for about 2 years now, spraying lacquer, enamel and acrylic. I am completely satisfied with it
  7. This is a great looking truck, very realistic. I also enjoy the longer descriptions of the build. I learn a lot from them. Thanks for sharing
  8. Nice job!. I really like the side trim you did.
  9. Looks like your patience passed the test. Very clean build. Good job!
  10. The Liberty Walk cars seem to have a love/hate relationship with car guys. I really like them. And I really like your version. I think it looks good without all the lettering you see on a lot of the real cars. Nice job!
  11. dragstk


    Nice start on this car. I really like how the wood came out. Any pointers on how you did it?
  12. Wow! that is really nice. Ive always liked these cars. You did a great job.
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