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  1. Awesome work. I too am working on a mini, but the Tamiya Morris rally version with a plow conversion. I've done the rally mini as the 67 monte carlo winner and now one with a plow. My point being, its not what I like to build, I like to build trucks but I can't stop building the rally mini, goes together well fun to build. I might be addicted to them lol. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=103068&p=1447345 great work , Jonathan
  2. Pat, I did PM you with some ideas on the wheels. I do agree with Gator an organic oil (not synthetic) would be my go to, if I had thought of it at the time. lol
  3. A theme is good, I try to stick to a logging/ lumber mill theme. Right now I'm working on a Mini Cooper, making it a pulpwood plow.http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=103068&p=1447345 Jonathan
  4. Pat, you've got a good start and I favor the rear setup too. This is a fun model, I just finished one, I found the Coca-Cola version on amazon for $20, did not make it that way. I did find the doors to be difficult but in time I got them in and working. I too was underwhelmed by the engine provided, so I applaud the use of the V10. I am following your build, I have pics of process if you need them but looks to me like what you got going is awesome. Jonathan
  5. I make a paste from instant coffee and water. It yellows wood, great patina color. I get it at the dollar store.
  6. Nick, does it look like this?
  7. Thanks Tom that's what I thought. They want more, they have other tractors and a dozer I've been eyeing. Try for a bundle price. Well let them cool off and I'll go back, not trying to be a pest. Jonathan
  8. Tom this is great, the wide fronts always look better. The custom steering column and levers add that farm feel. Perfect tire selection. Thank you this is very helpful, I am still pursuing the Ertl IH 886.
  9. So , I am now jealous; my wife could not care less about my models and will sell them at any chance she gets. It's ok they are just physical possessions, I'll make more and she clears space and makes money. But the other day I was checking out your build when from out of nowhere see yelled "Thats freaken awesome, He's creative, do models like that and you can keep them!" I was then removed from my seat so she could get a better look. I find your build to be very intriguing, great work and looks like you have lots of fun building. Keep it up and know the wife will be watching. : )
  10. Awesome. Great job with all the tiny chrome handles.
  11. Have really enjoyed looking at your Camaro, thanks
  12. Nice trucks. I like your paint idea if your still thinking aluminum/silver. Always preferred the name Hilux over tacoma, I don't want a truck in a coma. : )
  13. Ok so maybe its a hippie Humboldt county CA thing. I apologize Richard meant nothing by the CA comment. Your right "work is work", I was not trying to make light of a situation, only commending Ken on having a plan and sticking to it and add a smile to what sounds like a rough day.
  14. Ken, I didn't mean to imply that your clear coat was old, (that is just what I had on hand) or that an accomplished modeler such as your self wouldn't have a color wheel. I just thought that the math added up to funky clear (Not of your doing) and to know that this is a feared problem by many i.e. --Do you remember that time I ended up with brown not cherry burgundy. You've done the correct thing in emailing Tamiya. Hope they do the correct thing. Its nice to see that you have a vision and are sticking to it. I know some might say-- look the truck wants to be brown… oh well--- Might be a California mind set. Again sorry about the tragedy, but thank you for sharing. Also had a great talk with my Mother so thanks for that. Jonathan
  15. Ken, I'm sorry to hear about the browning. I happened to ask my mother about it, she majored in commercial design at the University of Michigan, has been a seamstress, elementary art teacher, private art teacher and award winning member of the El Cerrito Art Association. Her thoughts are 1) your paints/clear coat ingredients have been changed i.e. "New and Improved formula" or 2) your clear coat is slightly yellow, even if it says clear. So it come down to color math : Red + blue = a shade of purple + black for tone = a darker shade of purple (dark cherry burgundy) But you know this part. So the math problem becomes purple + X = (UPS) brown. The only way to solve for X on the color wheel is to add yellow to your dark cherry burgundy. (red+ blue+ yellow= brown) After telling me about this she showed me with paint and an old clear coat can she had, as if the son of an art teacher had not seen this process 1000 time before. The outcome was similar to yours. She did want me to tell you that this is a s***y problem that could frustrate even the most accomplished artist, She also thought y'all might be interested in a book entitled Color Harmony A Guide to Creative Color Combinations By Hideaki Chijiiwa Professor, Musashino College of Art. I do understand that this won't fix anything, just hope it answers why or how this could happen.
  16. Great looking rig. I've always liked the road boss, your is 1 of a kind awesome!
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