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  1. 1937 Plymouth on display at the Elvis house in Tupelo. I also finally took some pics at the car museum there too. Not sure if there is any interest. Standard museum type pics, meaning crowded with other cars and you cannot get the right angles. Took them mostly for myself, since I probably won't be back to Tupelo any time soon.
  2. It was simple to use, Keith, very forgiving. It is kinda thin so it levels out easily, no brush marks. I'm going to continue to try it out on trim, but BMF still has it's place. There is no way paint could easily replicate the chrome for the rockers. I also tried using the Vallejo chrome to fix up chrome parts, and it wasn't too good for that. It just refused to stick to the slick parts, so I went back to my old Floquil silver enamel for that (about the only enamel I regularly use). Also, since it is paint and brushed and not a clean straight line like I get with BMF, the lines weren't perfect everywhere, which is why I whipped out the MIG dark wash. I used it to dress everything up. But all the same, I am VERY happy with the Vallejo chrome.
  3. Maybe he was just in a wet t-shirt contest. Nice model!
  4. I gave it a light coat of Tamiya Fine Primer, which I rubbed down, then painted over with rattle can Tamiya Gloss Black. Once that cured for about a week, I sanded it out, then painted it with airbrush, using Tamiya X-34 Metallic Brown. It took a good number of coats. The black decals provide only partial coverage. The rear end and wing are in the original Tamiya Gloss Black. I had to feather the edge carefully where the decal covers.
  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  6. Thanks Keith. I whipped out a paint brush for this one. I like Vallejo paints now and then, but in general I find them difficult to airbrush. And hand-brushing was much simpler that masking and airbrushing.
  7. Looking forward to this.Went ahead and pre-ordered one at the local shop.
  8. Well done. The hardtop is much more to my taste that the convertible.
  9. Very nice! And your photography is stellar!
  10. Nice review! I still don't want to buy one, but the stock version in tempting, more so than the "Cruiser" version. I looked up some of the other kits you mentioned, and Google lead me to your review of "Bear Bait". OH MY GOD!!!! I WANT THIS! I had no idea that the mid-70s Chevette had been kitted by a major company! I want someday to have scale models of the cars I've actually owned, and it's always burned me than NONE of them are available. BUT RIGHT THERE IT IS!!! The 1976 Chevette was my second car! And the first one I actually paid for out-of-pocket! (It cost me $600 in 1981.) It was dark metallic blue, was loud as heck, always smelled like oil, and rattled like stones in a tin can - but I loved it for the few months I owned it. Sadly, I was T-boned by a kid coming down a steep driveway who was slightly lit on holy wine. Please tell me there is one out there for sale somewhere. A kit, not the real deal. That car, along with the '74 Corolla, the '76 Mustang II coupe, the '86 Hyundai Excel.... I guess I better stop listing my old cars. They were pretty pathetic.
  11. I saw a early 70s Mercury Comet today on east-bound I-240. Sadly, I was unable to take a picture. It was lovely, in green with a tan or yellow vinyl top. I would have taken a picture if the beast hadn't been on the side of the road with the hood up smoking, with me doing 70mph.
  12. Thanks Scott. Looking at pictures of exactly that style trim now. Seems like that handle chrome would be the thinnest of lines in 25th scale. I think I'll leave it be.
  13. I looked at a bunch of pics but could not decide. Easier to add than to take away, as the finish was not easy, but I will add the chrome if folks says I should. I did put a dab of silver on the key locks.
  14. One big bugaboo - after the side marking decals settled good and hard, I realized the one on the left side had broke. I had a devil of a time getting it back in place. From three feet you can't see it, but in the pics above you can. The even bigger bugaboo were the side exhausts. Next time I do something like this kit, I'm going to strip the chrome off those parts so I can work with bare plastic. I didn't do that this time because I originally visualized this as a quick vacation build, since I'm really not the hugest Camaro fan. But it took me longer than a week. About four total.
  15. Fun kit. Wife pulled it out of the stash after the Plymouth and said she wanted a race car. Right kit to pick. I did a couple of things different on this one, the biggest of which was that I minimized the BMF, using it only on the rockers. The other was that I used MIG washes, not that you can really tell. Painted Tamiya X-34 Metallic Brown (Vallejo Metallic Acrylic Chrome for the trim in place of BMF).
  16. I only brush Future if I am dealing with a really old or fragile decal. For most purposes, I either dip it (for clear parts) or airbrush it (for final gloss coat).
  17. When I was 39 years old, I had a similar talk with my doc. When he took X-rays, he came out white as a sheet. Turns out I'd been toughing out and feeling like a baby while walking around with dust instead of a right hip. Many months later, after I finally had my (first) hip replacement, when I was in the recovery room I shook the doctor's hand. Even then I could tell the pain was gone. Unfortunately I'd been toughing it out so long I'd done lots of damage, and could not walk. It took months of rehab to get me 100%, but once there, the pain was gone and no one could tell I'd had a hip replaced. Changed my life in many ways. A few years later, I had my other hip done. 10 years on now, I need a third replacement (the second one on my other hip wasn't as positive an experience), but when the time comes I'm ready. Hang in there Harry. It will get better. I can promise you this.
  18. Harry Joy


    I am digging it a lot.
  19. Or, you could pair it up with something like this for a nice diorama:
  20. The T-Bird set me back all of 10 dollars. That is probably because the kit was the victim of a sloppy house painter. You can see a bit of it in the picture, but it had paint splattered on several areas. I've spent the last couple of hours cleaning it up, and it is coming out quite nicely. This is the first time I've seen two promos like this, although I know they aren't uncommon. The Chevy doubles as a bank, with the words "To help you save for a rainy day, or help you buy your new Chevrolet" on the slot on the bottom, and "Shadow Gray" on top. It was mine for $20. The Ford has an entire sales pitch on the bottom. I'm digging it quite a lot. I'm not going to try to clean up the Chevy. It is a little fragile.
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