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  1. I love these wheels....the most beautiful Ferrari has ever done....and your model replicates very well the car....not sure, but I think the same color on the real ones was Mediterraneum Blue.... Congratulations !!
  2. Thank you all, guys...now I am working at a ESCI Lambo Miura and a Tamiya Beetle....let´s see what happens...
  3. Mike and Jon, thank you very much...added some more pictures...
  4. Hello, guys... Kit from Revell AG, rims from Leko Brazil, photoetcheds and cables by Mr. Model, and resin seats made by Denilson, a friend of mine.... Tried to replicate Grigio Titanium by adding some drops of black inside a silver paint...this is the closest I could do, because pictures not always show the truth. Dashboard from kit don´t let the chassis fit properly, so you will need a little patience to correct it...and wheels and brakes need a lot of work to get a decent look... Honestly, I recommend you to buy the Tamiya one.... Even having all these problems, luckily i got a prize at IPMS-Rio de Janeiro.... Critics and comments are wellcome...
  5. Who said Tamiya´s are better than Revell´s ? Your models proves it. Congratulations...
  6. Very nice, curtis....if you are really going to rebuild it, I think lowering suspensions would give a even better look. Congratulations.
  7. Dan, I am building this car but the kit is the old ESCI.....one of the most beautiful cars in the history and your model does justice to it. Congratulations.
  8. Justin, thank you... Radames, until last october I worked at Swagelok, a company based at Cleveland....Solon Road....I went there a couple of times and liked a lot your city !!
  9. Mike, Steve and Dave......thank you. Frank, the only extras at the engine are the ignition cables and the grill I used to replace the filter mesh.
  10. Then you will have a Mitsubaru !! hahahaha
  11. Frank, SE and Leggera are te most beautiful versions of this car and your model is very very fine.... Congratulations !!
  12. engmecwilson


    Nie, your model is looking great !! I will make the 84 Nurburgring version that Ayrton Senna drove. Congratulations !
  13. Dann, right now I am building this kit and the reference picture I used is very similar to your model. So much coincidence I am also using Tamiya wheels.....stripped original chrome and painted flat silver.....only difference is that I used copper color....by the middle to end of January you will see it around here. You did a very nice job....congratulations !! if I´m not wrong you used different mirrors also...original ones are awful.
  14. engmecwilson

    Merc DTM

    Very nice and similar to the real one....
  15. Ray, thank you... Glenn, thank you...not so good skills, just tried to give the car a better look than it comes in the box... Nick, thank you...the Tuner Series has a great selection of cars, but their appearance is awful.....now I´m seeking for the Honda Civic.
  16. This is no problem....very weel done model !!
  17. Walter, thank you....I prefer to work with paint overthinned....it lasts longer to cover primer, but in the end you have a very smooth surface....it is also important to have the primer surface very well sanded. Jesse, thank you.....color is Violet from House of Kolors. Mike, thank you....there is no secret....the more you thin the paint, the more your result will be a slick surface.....for clear is the same thing.....the only difference is the final layer of clear, where I apply a "wetter" layer, so it can dry already shining.....after this, just sand with 3000 sandpaper and then polish with Rubbing Compound and Automotive Wax. Michael, I love this generation of Eclipse also.....In 2000 and 2001 I worked on a Mit dealer and drove a lot of these....I only change this one for a 3000GT !! The front bumper is from the kit, just removed the ugly radiator that comes injected on it....the Mit logo is a photoetched from Mr. Model (www.mrmodel.com.br) painted with clear red from Tamiya.....I removed from the grill letting the "connecting part" attached to it and then bent it....this worked as a support so PE could stand on it´s own. Chris, thank you... Nie, 謝謝... If anybody wants pictures of assembly, I can send it...just send me an e-mail : engmecwilson@gmail.com
  18. Jalal, Your model is very very fine, but looks like you wanted to depict the car moving and the driver is missing.... This is the only point I comment, all other details are very well done....
  19. Hello, guys.... Kit with good fitting, but mechanical parts are very poor and interior is very "xuning", personally I prefer the original version. Extras : - Tires from Corvette 98 Revell - Recaro seats made of resin - Rear wing from RX7 Tamiya - Brake discs from Fujimi - Photoetcheds of seatbelts and logos from Mr. Model - Steering wheel from BMW Hasegawa Comments and sugestions are welcome....
  20. Curt, Personally I think the Lotus 98T is the most beautiful F1 car of all times.....and you model does justice to it !! Congratulations !!
  21. I love this kit and your job reflects the real beauty of it....congratulations.
  22. Very fine, Pat....I have the Ultraman version of this kit and in my opinion the car is very cool !! Congratulations !!
  23. Kelson, I used "Grieg Green"...it´s a 1994 color from GM... Thank you all for comments !!
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