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  1. I really like this one! I like the weathering! Excellent work! It has held up well!
  2. Looks great! I like the hood stretch and engine choice! I like the driver’s tank moved forward too! Nice work!
  3. This is one of Gary Wallaces kits for example. They are great! I started with a Revell of Germany frame. Swapped the rear suspension for rubber block. Swapped the engine for a Cummins M-11. This one also has Gary’s correct front suspension as well.
  4. Great looking build Kerry! You can’t go wrong with a cabover KW! Nice work!
  5. This is a similar Fruehauf set up. Notice the air hose connections are on each side and the electrical connector goes in from the bottom towards the left.
  6. I like that power plant! Seeing it mounted really puts into perspective how big this thing is. Looks great! Question, did you remove the covers off of the rear accessory drive on this engine or are these cast that way now? I only ask because that rear drive has always been the weak spot for these engines to me and the covers were way off. With everyone 3d printing now, I would like to see a little more accurate rear accessory drive made for these engines. Great project and Excellent work!
  7. The chrome piece is the “built in ashtray” according to the IH brochure. Ashtrays were pretty much standard equipment on most all vehicles.
  8. Looks flawless!! Very clean build! Excellent work!
  9. There are three connections, two air and one electrical. The electric cable would have been black. The air lines would have been black with straight hose or probably red and blue with coiled hoses. On a 4070a the air lines usually come out of the back of the cab just above the engine tunnel, but with the kits long wheelbase it could be moved to the frame.
  10. The IH brochure calls it a “built in ashtray.” Notice in the second picture posted with the radio the the ashtray is on the dash.
  11. I use a combination of phone wire, guitar strings, craft wire, small gauge wire, thread, and Evergreen plastic rod. I either use what I think looks close visually, or measure, comparing the size of the lines in scale to the real thing. I forgot, heat shrink too.
  12. Cool build! I never paid this truck much attention in the movie. I didn’t realize that they blew up a model, but it is pretty obvious in the pictures posted. The other interesting thing is that I noticed in these pictures of the movie truck is that it is actually an IH 4070B Transtar II, with 4070A style headlights. I can’t help but wonder if it was a rebuild of the Gone in 60 seconds truck. Looks good so far! The Detroit looks good in yellow.
  13. Excellent work! Pepsi was definitely the better choice! Looks great!!
  14. Unibody wasn’t the best choice of terms, but it is integral sleeper Road Boss 2. I’m pretty sure that it is the same cab.
  15. I agree. The hardest part, I think would be making the windshield smaller. Didn’t the unibody Road Boss use the same cab too?
  16. Thanks! I ordered mine! I have been wanting one of these for years!!
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