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  1. The location for the reservoir is very similar on the KW. If I am not mistaken the directions on the Revell KW kits show mounting this reservoir upside down. Early 359s with one air breather had the p/s reservoir mounted on the outside of the cab, sometimes by itself or with a Lubrifiner.
  2. That is the power steering reservoir on the 359. The belt driven compressor is the a/c compressor not the air compressor.
  3. Great looking Blue Mule!! Carrol Jo would be proud!
  4. If I am not mistaken the RD600 is shorter hood, but I think that the RD800 has the long hood like the DM800. Either of them will be a cool build. I have one of Gary’s steel hoods for the DM600 that I hope to build one day. Looking forward to what you come up with!
  5. I like it! I’m a big fan of cabover daycabs! Nice work!
  6. Great looking trucks! The blue one is my favorite!! Great work!
  7. I’m a Mopar fan myself! I like everything about this one! The color choice is excellent! Nice work!
  8. Excellent build! Excellent weathering!! Excellent photography!! Excellent work all around!! It looks real!!
  9. Excellent idea! I’ve had a similar idea myself but have never gotten to it. Beautiful job on this one! It looks great!
  10. Your work is always amazing! This one looks great! The scratch building and the weathering are spot on! Excellent work!
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