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  1. Thanks guys!! Thanks Joe! I’m not sure who manufactured this cab, but I believe it to be the nicest one that I have seen. Mike had one from P&P as well, and this one looked much nicer to me. Thanks Rick! I picked up the bed from Mikemodeler. They are available on Ebay from bcs-trading though. The deck and cylinders seem to be styrene. The headache rack, side rails, frame, slide/tilt assembly and wheel lift seem to be made from some type of 3d printing process. I’m not familiar with 3d printing processes, but this almost looks as if it was printed with plastic string. It builds up pretty nice though. The wheel lift didn’t have a cylinder so I made one. Bcs-trading offers a roll off body that I may have to check in to. They also offer a smaller roll back bed.
  2. Thanks Mike! Thanks Carl!! I’m just about to the finish line on this one.
  3. My first car was the MPC General Lee. My first truck was the AMT Road Boss. And yes, I broke the parts off of the trees, I didn’t know any better. I also painted everything the same color, interior and all. I could only afford one spray can.
  4. Thanks Gator! I have a little more progress. Looking like a truck now.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys!! I have been working on the bed first. I have the winch made. I wanted it to have a wood deck. I thought that it looked a little more heavy duty. This bed mounts the headache rack to the frame instead of the bed.
  6. The only place that I know that offered these was Spaulding Trading and Shipping and Bobby Griffin. Others may have, but I don’t remember seeing one. I had a Bobby Griffin version and sold it and I still have a Spaulding version that I hope to make a drag truck out of one day. You might try calling Spaulding. If she still has the mold, you might convince her to cast one or she may have a couple cast already. That is the way I was able to get a 7400 cab a few years ago. She was also getting rid of some Bobby Griffin stuff sometime back. It may be worth a try.
  7. Thanks Victor! The hood and cab are cast as one piece. The combination of cutting the hood loose, scratch building a firewall, and completely scratch building a 3116 from top to bottom, put me on the curbside path. Thanks Warren!! I used the 4300 Transtar chassis. I lengthened it and narrowed the front axle. I like these chassis because they are straight and were cheap at Ollies, so I stocked up on some.
  8. Looks Great!! I'm glad that you were able to get the stripes to work! They really set this one off! Great Work!
  9. This will be good! Looking forward to seeing more!
  10. I picked up this cab and bed from Mikemodeler a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again! I built a 64 GMC 1 ton to go on the back of this one when it is done. This one will be curb side, but I am mocking up a crude representation of a 3116 Cat for under the hood. It will look like a 3116 from the bottom anyway. I have been working on the bed. I have it mocked up for now.
  11. Thanks Kevin! The bed was dented by sheeting it with very thin aluminum and then actually denting it. Thanks Lucas! Thanks Mario! I have a similar background. I went to work with my dad when he worked at the truck shop. Those are great memories! When he went to work for Papco working on heavy equipment, I was working my own job. Thanks Dave!! Thanks Philippe!! Thanks Don!! Thanks Brian!!
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