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  1. Thanks for replying. I actually want one with the clear body not the red clear
  2. Are any of y'all familiar with Mr Norm's ghost charger funny car kit? I have a guy trying to sell me one for a large sum of money as he says it's very rare because the body is molded and clear red. I've only seen those with the body in plain clear. Anybody know if they actually made any molding and clear red?
  3. When I attempted to reply to my last personal message I got a message saying that all of my messenger space was used up. How do I free up messenger space? When I click on the three lines in the upper right corner I do not see anything at all concerning messages.
  4. Looking for the following kits: Dodge NASCAR truck kit Ford NASCAR truck kit It doesn't matter what sponsor these kits have or if they even have decals. I have lots to trade. Some of you long-timers may remember me. It's been several years since I've been on this for much thank you in advance for any replies
  5. I'll dig it out sometime today and take pictures
  6. Also just remembered I have quite a few parts for the 29 for truck that was in the rat rod three in one kit.
  7. Do you wire your engines? I have lots of wire and all different sizes. Also have some distributor kits with wire. The only Ford stuff I know that I have is I have a bunch of these stock rims. I just remembered I have a 50 Ford truck resin Hood with louvers.
  8. Fantastic. What would you like for those? Do you do photo etch?
  9. looking forthis.have trade stuff
  10. looking for roof glass from bad actor,street fighter or quicksilver. if not clear then I need all the glass for the kit
  11. Yes I was lucky and found an old Fred Katy decal sheet for a race car that had all the decals I needed except for the Trans Am between the tail lights
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