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  1. Thanks all for the great comments. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of unprecedented business at my gun shop, which leaves me with about negative 3 energy and time/drive/desire to do any building. Also just had a great friend pass and we bought his 500 gun collection, which has consumed our whole staff for the last two months. So...................have tried to get some work done, but am spinning my wheels. BUT.............I AM enjoying watching all of the great work being done by all of my friends on this forum. Hopefully, one day soon, will get back to the bench...............and STAY there1
  2. It is based upon the Fall Guy bed, and is 1/25th scale.
  3. Kris Morgan makes a superb resin long bed.....................have used several myself to GREAT results. Morgan Automotive Detail - Source for your Resin Cast Automotive Model Deatils (madmodeling.com)
  4. Finally found a few minutes to get to the bench and work on this project that has been stalled for way too long. My shop is going crazy, teaching a couple nights each week, and life in general have conspired along with a case of builders block to bring this to a screeching halt. But, MAYBE, this kick start will get it going again. Anyways, just a little, but straightened the grille, and made the engine enclosure up for the carrier. Now working on the hinges. This was always going to be a huge involved time consuming build. Hoping that at least now I can keep it going!
  5. Using Firefox on Windows 10, no problem at all......................though it IS understandable why ads are necessary. Having this forum with advertising, is far better than no advertising..........................and no forum!
  6. Great to see this one start, Charlie. I am still following every post you make, while not being able to devote any time to my own building. BUT, your projects are sustaining me! Keep those posts coming!
  7. Perfect weathering! This is an outstanding build of what was a VERY commonly seen rig not all THAT long ago!
  8. Extremely nice work!!!! Great color combo, and details!
  9. Learned how to drive in a 1962 Willys station wagon, 3 speed stick, 4x4, with the Hurricane 6 engine. Did a few spin and stalls while learning the clutch, but having learned the clutch way back in 1968, it is a skill that has stayed with me ever since, and one I currently enjoy every day in my Corvette and Mustang GT. Wouldn't have it any other way!
  10. Wow! That is beautiful, and I love all the little story lines occurring throughout it! FANTASTIC!
  11. That is absolutely perfect, Charlie. The details you are able to include are nothing short of amazing!
  12. Outstanding issue! Glad to see it and can't wait for more. Keep up the great work!
  13. My bad on describing it as "competitive juices"....................perhaps it should be better described as " efforts to fulfill the desire to share builds with others and display them"? I have gone to many NNL's all the way back to the 80's. We all take great joy in our builds and love to share them with others. Contests, and NNL type events allow us to do this. Covid has taken that away..................hopefully we will be able to do so with these type of events. The reward comes with the sharing of the efforts one has put into a unique build, not in prizes.
  14. Great to see efforts to keep the competitive juices flowing during this "pandemic". But sure would have been nice to include light and heavy truck/commercial modelers........
  15. That is an absolutely superb build you have going on there! It truly looks like you have a miniaturization machine hidden away someplace..........come on, share it with us!!! Truly beautiful work!
  16. Thank you..........and it's a double Detroit too! Thanks, yeah, it's gonna be HUGE! Thanks Charlie, got a LOT to do, and the time to do it lately has been zero, but gonna keep tryin'!!! Thanks Gator! The prototype is rear drive. Got lots to do and no time available to do it! Thank you. Updates will get there, soon I hope! Happy to share and thank you for the good words! One step at a time!
  17. Beautiful work! Would LOVE to see a 1985 GMC 4 headlight one......... ! Just wishin'! Kinda like this one I modified from a 1984 version.
  18. Yup, that's the beauty of this forum..................you don't get forced to agree with another poster. What works fine for one is different for another. I have some items from the Ukraine, and while very nice, some of the detail appears to me, at least, to be a bit soft on the edges. I like the sharpness of the iceman items, and, personally, I don't want to buy an engine kit and not massage it a bit myself to get the appearance I want. Freedom to choose....................it's a wonderful thing!
  19. Utterly fantastic work Charles. Haven't had much time for anything these days, but whenever I can, I MAKE the time to check your posts out. You teach others so well, for example, on the window gaskets. It works perfectly, and saved me many hours of hair pulling on the Galion crane I built. Thank you, as always for sharing so much!
  20. I have gotten 3D items that look great in photos, but look like weathered plywood in person. I have a bunch of icemans work, and I have to say, it is great. Perhaps his eBay photos are of lesser quality but the items I have show no pinholes, and will need little, if any, smoothing prior to use. So, based on the photos I have enclosed of the actual items I bought, I’m happy. To each their own!
  21. Very nicely done, and spot on in accuracy when looking back to when I did this kind of work for a construction company, never on a D9R, but on a D8L, Terex 82-80 and many, many smaller and differing pieces of equipment. Beautiful! And far neater than our actual work area was!
  22. Makes a great product. Have several of his grilles, and they are great. Just went to his web page...................has 52 different products listed for Custom, Dodge, Ford and GM. Unfortunately 49 of them are marked as sold out. Pity.
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