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  1. well, for me it is enough....good luck and farewell.
  2. wow......that is a beautiful build. looking at my model room...and my displays....something's missing....., A Police Car! somehow I have got to get me a few of these kits. Thank You for sharing.
  3. nice clean Chevelle. very unique paint scheme. great build.
  4. very nice build. the Cragar S/S wheels look great on this car, and I really love that white '62. My Favorite year for a 'vette. Great Looking Corvettes.
  5. while I will not be going to see these movies....( they wont be playing anywhere near me).......I will say that Hot Wheels has released both the Snake & Mongoose Dodge Haulers and they are incredible.
  6. that looks awesome! great work.....I think its unique enough to win a contest.
  7. I have about a dozen more....gotta find the boxes...........................and it wont be easy.
  8. great start. the rough body treatment looks awesome.
  9. I need a few of these kits! just bought my little girl her first car/truck whatever..... a 1978 Chevy El Camino. Your Elky looks terrific. nice, clean build.
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