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  1. Very nice, I love these cars. I owned a 4000csQ many years ago, an absolute blast to drive in the winter.
  2. Thanks Carl, I have got a bit more figured out today. I think I can keep the rumble seat too. I had to make the bottom cushion out of half round evergreen to fit it all, and may still need to modify the back rest as well. But for now it closes well and opens almost completely.
  3. That’s some nice work on the frame, thanks for showing us your work. I am not very familiar with this kit, how much of the rear frame did you change?
  4. I was just gathering parts to fix an old broken build when I got distracted by my parts pile. I was digging around and came across the block and blower from the Stevens international reissue of the parts pack engines. So my mission changed and I gathered parts to build something with that. I am low on hot rod kits to bash, so I came up with what I could. I kept it traditional as far as suspension goes so I can post on TRAK if I can figure out a hosting solution for free. I am not chopping this one, east coast style and will do less of a channel than I usually go for. I would like to retain the functioning rumble seat, but that’s looking unlikely, we shall see. The wheels and tires will be modelhaus, but I just ordered so it may be a little while. I am using unknown fronts and modelhaus rears for mock-up purposes as they should be close in size
  5. This a project that I started about eight years ago. I stopped modeling for many years while we started a family, but recently found I had a lot of extra time on my hands. Thanks COVID-19. This is one of the builds I pulled out to entertain myself. 34 lindburg cab, part of a broken revell 32 frame, and some parts from the revell 29 p/u. The engine is from the Revell AG Ferrari 250gto, purchased for the power plant alone. I had assembled the parts and chopped the cab way back in the day and then put it away when time became more precious. A few years later I made an attempt at it but did not have much free time. I have been chipping away at it while doing the kids schooling* each day.
  6. Amazing! Thank you for showing so much of your work, it allows us just learning to see some of your thought process. Thanks again for sharing.
  7. Thanks for the kind words Oliver and Dave. I was looking at the 34 grill and kept going back to it being to bulky, I much prefer the Revell 32 grills. I have a pretty good junk yard so I went digging, I found a few of them ?. I gave it a quick section to get down to size. Pictures show where I cut to section and lower the grill shroud, then you just cut the grill with some mistake space and sand to fit
  8. That looks much better, nice job on the adjustment. It has a nice stance without being slammed. Keep up the good work, i’ll Be watching this one come together.
  9. well, this build is fighting me hard. In the last two days I have carelessly dropped the body, breaking the roof off and one of the hairpins broke mysteriously in the box. I have fixed as best as possible but it was attached already. Picture 1} Instead of cutting the glass to fit I attached the dash to the part I would have cut off. This proved to be much easier than trying to glue to the body, now when I slide the glass in the dash will line up with the cowl heigh. No fussing. Picture 2} here is where the chassis is at this point, I have had considerable fit issues despite numerous mock ups. I think once things get glued there are small changes as things can no longer shift a bit to fit. If you look you can see where I scabbed the hairpin back together, this will be fine unless you look close but I see no way to replace it as it is thoroughly glued on.
  10. Well I guess I posted in the wrong* place and got moved. While I am stuck homeschooling the kids I have been puttering with the interior of this one. I have begun shaping in the trans tunnel and the seats and firewall, as well the crossmember under the frame. I had to cheat the seats in by clipping some out of the inside front corners of each, but this will barely be seen so I am not too concerned. I have plenty of clean up and putty to do still, but in my mind it is starting to take shape.
  11. Thank you so much everybody for the comments. Last night and this morning while helping my 8 yr old with his first glue kit I was able to knock the body back to clean up the chop I did like 8 yrs ago. I also made a dash from a sectioned 34 dash and the gauge cluster from the revell AG Ferrari that gave up its mill for this, as well as a housing for the gated shifter that will be incorporated into the transmission tunnel. David, I am leaning towards in progress look. I think I will put down some raw metal color under black and remove a lot of the black to get a worn look. Due to Covid 19 I am relegated to krylon paint and the little bit of supplies I have from a decade ago when I was building regularly.
  12. Like most everyone I have found myself with all kinds of free time recently. It has been a few years since I was active here, or even touched a model but I decided to dig a few out and play. Besides this one I am also introducing my son to the hobby through an old monogram hi po corvette, and we started a tamiya Enzo from my stash together. Anyway, this was a Lindburgh body that I chopped and put on part of a 32 ford frame. Wheel and tires and bits of the bed are from a revel 29 p/u. The engine is a bit exotic but I always wanted to do this. Be safe everyone, stay healthy.
  13. Thanks guys, some details are in order probably. Body is from the Lindburg issue of the 34 ford, yellow plastic version. The bed is most probably from the 29 ford "rat rod" by revell with the tail gate from the 34pu. The engine is from Revell AG's release of the Ferrari 250 gto, as well as the bucket seats and gated shifter. The frame is 90% scratch, utilizing only the front cross member of a 32 revell kit so the 32 suspension would slot in with minimal effort. I think the wheels came from the 29 ford pu as well, but i pulled them from a parts bin so it is a remote possibility they had other origins...
  14. I have not been building much in the last year or two, new job and busy with the kids etc... I had recently been obsessing on the notion of routing a 1/32 wood slot car track to keep busey with, but that will have to wait till I get my year end bonus as slots seem to be an expensive distraction... So to take my mind of of that I figured I would revive some shelved 1/24 projects I had going a while back. I am currently working on two older kit bash's I have, a Audi Quattro coupe(1983) with R8 midship engine, and this...
  15. here's two that can't seem to get past the primer life...
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