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  1. jeffinvt added a post in a topic Fordrarri, an exercise in absurdity   

    Thanks guys, some details are in order probably. Body is from the Lindburg issue of the 34 ford, yellow plastic version. The bed is most probably from the 29 ford "rat rod" by revell with the tail gate from the 34pu. The engine is from Revell AG's release of the Ferrari 250 gto, as well as the bucket seats and gated shifter. The frame is 90% scratch, utilizing only the front cross member of a 32 revell kit so the 32 suspension would slot in with minimal effort. I think the wheels came from the 29 ford pu as well, but i pulled them from a parts bin so it is a remote possibility they had other origins...
  2. jeffinvt added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Fordrarri, an exercise in absurdity
    I have not been building much in the last year or two, new job and busy with the kids etc... I had recently been obsessing on the notion of routing a 1/32 wood slot car track to keep busey with, but that will have to wait till I get my year end bonus as slots seem to be an expensive distraction... So to take my mind of of that I figured I would revive some shelved 1/24 projects I had going a while back. I am currently working on two older kit bash's I have, a Audi Quattro coupe(1983) with R8 midship engine, and this...

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  3. jeffinvt added a post in a topic SHOW US YOUR STYRENE GLORY IN PRIMER!   

    here's two that can't seem to get past the primer life...

  4. jeffinvt added a post in a topic Can I see some crazy Drivetrain swaps?!   

    Don, what scale on the twin engined rod?
  5. jeffinvt added a post in a topic Can I see some crazy Drivetrain swaps?!   

    since you bring up the Ferrari powered rod, I'll throw mine in too. Like the audi though, who knows if it will ever make it off the bench...

  6. jeffinvt added a post in a topic Can I see some crazy Drivetrain swaps?!   

    not sure I'll ever finish it but, Audi R8 engine and drive train in a 87 quattro coupe...

  7. jeffinvt added a post in a topic 1949 Talbot-Lago T26C   

    @ Sjordan: I had seen that as I was researching, but did not feel that the Deeks wheels were worth it seeing as the 34 wires fit so well. Although they really are nice pieces and look great on these old kits.
  8. jeffinvt added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1949 Talbot-Lago T26C
    I picked this up on E-Bay a few years ago and have always wanted to build it but was disappointed with the kit wheels. Finally this week I busted out the bow O' wheels and tried some stuff out. I ended up finding that the spokes from the Lindburg 34 Ford kit fit the stock tires from the Smer kit. The kit gives you wheel and tire halves and a clear plastic disk for the spokes. I left the wheel tire thing as is and added the 34 spokes and knock offs from a 64 Impala lowrider. Finding this combo gives me what I needed to build this kit. It is a simplified kit but I think it will be very nice when done. Here is the wheels and a quick mock up for those that have never seen this racer.

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  9. jeffinvt added a post in a topic 62 Continental   

  10. jeffinvt added a post in a topic 62 Continental   

    Almost done with this one, just need to do the engine and firewall and put the steering wheel in. I went to the LHS yesterday to get some BMF to do this and all they had was Ultra Bright Chrome, man that stuff sucks compared to the normal stuff I have been using. Really hard to work with IMHO, wish I could have used reg on this one, oh well... Here are a few shots as it sits now.

  11. jeffinvt added a post in a topic Removing Paint From Windows   

    I just had to do this today, and got good results... Used 2000 wet dry sandpaper to remove the superglue, then brush painted on Future. It works, possibly can show you in pics tomorrow as I need to do the back glass as well.
  12. jeffinvt added a post in a topic 62 Continental   

    The Mesh came from Michael's craft store, about $3 and you get more than you could use in a lifetime.

    Everyone else, thanks for the input. I will need to decide but am glad to hear what everyone thought.
  13. jeffinvt added a post in a topic 62 Continental   

    Anyone wanna offer their opinions on which wheel to use? Stuck on which to use, the originals in all the mockup shots or these:

    Would really appreciate any opinions, thanks
  14. jeffinvt added a post in a topic 1962 Lincoln Continental   

    Regardless, if you go to the other build thread of the same kit you will see that chuck's is indeed missing a pillar. How accurate the existence of that post is I can not speak to.
  15. jeffinvt added a post in a topic 62 Continental   

    Interior pretty much set, I still want to figure something cool for the dash though. I may foil the two pods on the dash and lightly scuff them to replicate a brushed aluminum, we'll see. First time trying Cranky's paper method, I think it came out acceptable? Let me know what you think...

    And one for fun showing the scratch grill in place as the car will sit.