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  1. After 15.5 years with the same car and documenting every single one of them (www.crowncvicsetc.com) this summer, due to lackluster financial situations (aka: unemployment), my boyfriend gave me his car, a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria P71. I call it Vic 2.0. I have yet to form a bond with the car, but it is growing on me. I also own a 1974 AMC Javelin (www.maxiblue.homestead.com) that is now off the road for the aforementioned reason.
  2. Have you started the body yet? The photo etch hood vents are "interesting" to get the white stripe onto...
  3. Without getting too political, much has been said by many people in finance that the price is being artificially lowered by the Middle East for a variety of reasons. Despite a lower demand for oil in many markets, they are over producing anyway. This is making the cost per barrel of oil so low, the US fracking industry can't compete, causing a majority of operations to shut down just after they really got going and helped to make the US less dependent on foreign oil. So don't be surprised if once most of those new US sources of oil production shut down/get mothballed, the Middle East influences the market and the price per barrel shoots back up again. Another point of interest, the low oil/gas prices have NOT helped the US economy, which defuddles some folks. Recently, someone explained that while Mister Electrician is now saving $500 a week in gas for his van, that saved money is being spent on foreign sourced products, thus not helping the US economy directly. This can be argued, of course, but when you think about it, it does make sense. Just sayin'...
  4. Very nice! I wish that kit didn't cost so darn much...
  5. Nice. Things sure have changed since the early days of home PCs and the Internet! Used to be finding photos of cruisers was difficult, and only a handful of websites would have them. Now? EVERYONE has them SOMEWHERE online! My old, out of date, humble effort seems to... well... old, out of date...
  6. Regarding muscle car paint, my boyfriend always says that to be correct, a 1:1 restoration should be sprayed with single stage paint. Not color/clear. Since he is 10 years older than I am, he has seen FAR more original paint cars than I ever will! The look is indeed different than what ends up on most restored cars these days.
  7. This is an old shot of my 401 almost ready for installation. Same block. Note the later engine color.
  8. ... of note... the oil filler tube & cap incorrect... should not be black... tube should be engine color, with a (usually) chrome cap.
  9. Hi all - I'm a new member who found this site because after a VERY long model-building-dry spell, I did some online searching and found that all of a sudden, most of the familiar Ferrari kits weren't being listed on retail websites. Couldn't find an answer anywhere, and was starting to assume that it had something to do with the spinoff of Ferrari from Chrysler/Fiat recently. All I know about that is what I caught quickly on a radio program talking about stocks. It wasn't clear if Ferrari simply is now under it's own stock listing, or if the actual company is now independent (which I doubt). Anyhoo, thanks for confirming my suspicions about the lack of kits!
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