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  1. This looks great. I love Grabber Blue. Where did you get the decals? Are the wheels from the original MPC kit?
  2. I worked on the seats and cargo area. Its surprisingly hard to find pictures of the interior of these cars. The front is a bench, and the middle seat is split. I cut out the split from the front seat and grafted it into the rear.
  3. I had a couple flathead options, and I decided to use the Lindberg engine, but use the heads from the 53 ford pickup. I thought they look a little better.
  4. There isn't really any detail in the wood. its pretty smooth.
  5. Why will the website only let me upload 1.52mb? I can't add any more pictures. I was able to load the first ones, but not any more.
  6. I'm not sure which engine to use. The Lindberg engine has good detail, but the heads look too square and thin. I also have a flathead from the AMT 53 pickup, and the 49 Ford coupe. I may use the heads from the 53. Not sure yet.
  7. I picked up this Jimmy Flintstone wagon after some helpful tips from members here on the forum. Scored the donor kit for pretty cheap on eBay, and here we go. Hood fits perfect, and the chassis will fit after a little sanding.
  8. Coffee sticks are a great idea. I'll have to try that.
  9. That wood in the bed looks very realistic. How did you do that?
  10. Thanks for all the input, I do appreciate it. I'm pretty sure it uses the Lindberg 53 ford as a donor. Mark, when you use the hot glue, does it peel of the body cleanly? I think I will give that a try.
  11. Thanks for the comments. I used the Detail Master spark plug wire, but its the thinner stuff, and its harder to see on top of the valve covers. Probably should have used black. I never thought about the fan, and as many photos as I looked at, I can't remember what they had on them. Billy, what would they really have had? Also, would these have had roll bars? I thought about putting one in it, but I didn't see any in the pics I found.
  12. That turned out really cool. I love the wheels and the stance.
  13. This looks like a fun project. It is the 53 ford woody wagon from Jimmy Flintstone. Has anyone built one of these? I'm wondering about the fit, and the quality. I bought the 37 ford chopped cab from them and it is pretty good.
  14. I made door handles and window cranks out of a toothpick and some styrene sheet and round stock.
  15. I finished this one a few months ago. The only thing I wasn't happy with was the hood. I decided to cut out the vents in the back and replace with mesh. It doesn't look as nice as I was hoping. Otherwise, I like it.
  16. I have never seen that kit before, who makes it? That wood looks great, by the way.
  17. That looks really sharp. I like color scheme, and the unusual subject choice!
  18. Also made progress on the interior. I added the reverse lockout to the shifter, but it is hard to see.
  19. Engine is almost finished. I just need to add the coil.
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