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  1. Even has the decal on the engine air cleaner. All around good looking.
  2. Over the top! I saw Bruno race this car while I attended the Caesars Palace Grand Prix September 26, 1982. Wonderful roaring engine sound. I toured the Garage with the pass and bought the 1/43rd die cast (still have it) from the team table. Your paint shade and details are as I remember.
  3. Good to see this hot version offered by Mercury back in the day. In 1964, my next door neighbor had the real car. The Marauder flag emblems on the front fenders are well detailed. Thanks for posting.
  4. So glad to see this car turned into a super strong machine. Well done!
  5. Love the fun stories of the past models. I built a lot of model cars in the late 50's and 60's. We had so many from which to choose. The Split Window was King!
  6. Nice Goat! The engine bay and trim win. Tri Power yes.
  7. So creative. Great build. No one has done anything like it.
  8. Cool everywhere. Would be fun to display it with the body a few inches away on jack stands. The frame and running gear are super.
  9. Rare! So good looking. Thanks for posting.
  10. Great looking Lamborghini model. Glad to see this progress post. Have in the past owned 8 actual Italian cars from the era and I see a little bit of them in a lot of this car.
  11. Nice B. !!! Classic color and super photos
  12. Super! Checking out the color combinations and the perfect finish. Looking like a real automobile.
  13. Never seen one of these in the color white. Never seen a 1:1 one in white. This color really shows off the lines of the car. Way to go.
  14. Classic and shiny! Always fun to see one of these.
  15. Perfect red paint and trim.
  16. Sharp. Was a competitive racer in its day and. Good stance.
  17. Looks like a real car. Great to see a classic 63 Chevrolet 409.
  18. Checking out the hood mounted tach. Oh yeah 👍
  19. Mine arrived this morning in Little Rock, Arkansas!
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