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  1. Thanks for this. Watching with interest and looking forward to a kit/ build review. Just built my first Atlantis kit- Fireball Dragster-a lot of fun. This Competition Coupe could be cool.
  2. Looking at the ton of effort to produce the perfect trim too. Cars of that era are loading with beautiful trim.
  3. Perfect black paint. So difficult to do. Liking the dual quad 421! Diorama is a home run. Thanks for posting.
  4. Have never seen anything like that! Wow. One of the details I really like is the stretched wheelbase.
  5. Okay, thank you. I'll check out my kits for the largest diameter lights. I'm on the hunt for the largest. I agree, the black paint does make them appear larger. I think I saw some 1930 Cadillac lights and they were very large and cool.
  6. So unique. So many small, important details. Those large diameter headlights mean business! What is the source for those?
  7. Looking like a real car on the street. Super! Checking out the perfect 4 speed and console. What kit company offered it? Thanks
  8. Wonderful! The optional on the 1:1 car really are well represented.
  9. Mine arrived this morning in Little Rock Arkansas. Liking that it is arriving sooner! Looking forward to digging in.
  10. Ok, thanks. Always like the big diameter headlights.
  11. Good looking! Liking the red paint and the nice carbs.
  12. Liking what appears to be very large diameter headlights. May I ask what source? Thanks!
  13. Thought I knew about most of the kits out there and was I ever wrong. This is very cool ! Great job and clear pics. Wondering when the kit was released and approximate price when new. Glass case for this monster.
  14. Good kit! I built it long ago. The 8 lug wheels are crisp and accurate and the Tri Power carbs are realistic. Of all the full size Pontiac models that have the 421 engine, this one is the only one with the emblems provided. People will correctly point out that the body is too long and actually a reworked Bonneville body but we are lucky to have this kit available.
  15. Love the big cars from the 60's. You nailed it! Checking out that it has the Road Wheel option.
  16. I built my SMER Alfetta in the 90's and it is one of my favorite modelcars. Problem though is the very, very faint engraving on the nose. I didn't know what to do to try to make the grill at least look like a grill so it was simply sprayed red like the rest of the car. If they only provided a grill !
  17. I was so excited that I don't think I was too nervous. All I had to do was drive around the block and parallel park.
  18. So clean and sharp. Looking like a real car. Loving the velocity stacks.
  19. You are 100% right. A Swiss cheese 421 Super Duty drag car with directions for drilling or even already drilled! Gotta have the famous 421 emblems on the side of the front fenders already molded in or at least a decal.
  20. Hey Tim, btw, Model Car Garage does a photo etch set that includes the 421 front fender emblems correct for 62-64 full size Pontiac's. Problem is that the emblems need to be side specific and you only get 2 of the passenger side of the car. i don't know what to do.
  21. Thanks, Tim. Good info. I'm always a Pontiac fan.
  22. OMG, A Palmer! Even as little kids in the 50's, we all knew that they were horrible. It's really fun to see this. Lucky you to find one. They are like an old Cult movie. Thanks for posting!
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