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  1. The seat and instrument cluster is painted with semi gloss black. The dash is Alclad aluminum. The seat belts and hardware came with the kit. I am happy with the results, making progress... i do wish more people would chime in... I do feel like I am talking to myself
  2. So I spent my Sunday working on a few things. I spent most of the time painting shock bodies and drivers seat and dash. the shocks are painted with Alclad chrome. I do like working with this paint, it flows nice.
  3. Why is it. When you finally get motivated to make progress. The temperature drops to 38. Welcome to California......
  4. Thank you! I may have a update soon. Been working on front stering knuckles and brakes
  5. It’s been so long since I’ve posted. As a matter of fact seems like forever since I worked on this. Thanks for looking
  6. Well I found some time to work on this project!! I did some mods on the radiator, added overflow tube and temp sensor also some RB motion fittings for the hoses and painted the radiator brass
  7. Just a little update. I got my oldest moved out, re did 3 rooms in my house and built a outdoor pavilion for the wife. Hopefully will be back at this build real soon.
  8. I am in awe on the detail. Looks amazing! On your big car. Do you have wheelie bars and parachutes for it? As it sits it looks like it will do low 6's
  9. Thanks for the suggestions! Everyone, I really appreciate this
  10. It would be nice I have some RB Motion fittings that are used for Williams F1 kit. Trying to adapt those fitting on a Ferrari Kit. All the photos I have seen Ferrari used a clear tubing on there fuel system
  11. Anyone know where I can locate some. I would like the inside diameter 0.66 mm or .026 in thank you all for the help
  12. Looking forward to seeing this one in progress i bet it may cost as much as your garage....lol
  13. Bruce: Yup, going to do more detail painting also going to ad more detail to the radiator and I am going to re do the oil coolers Another move!? must be hard on you and your family. Hope all goes well Nick and Peter going to get some stuff from Pro Tech soon, thanks for the tip. Seems to be the place to go Now if I could just wrap my head around small sizes I will be golden.....LOL What are people using for battery terminals?
  14. This is kind of an update..... LOL I just received some alclad aluminum,polished brass and some clear I also got some small goodies from RB Motion realizing I will need to order more! I was wondering if any one knows where I could find braided line? I kind of need it in .125 would prefer Black if its available So hear is the sad part I will not be able to get some quality time to work on this. But the best part is my Daughter is graduating college and she is moving out of the house; I get a HOBBY ROOM!!!! Plus the wife has a few projects that's going to keep me a little busy
  15. Chris: Thanks for the links, I placed an order with RB Motion!! now I have to tell the wife
  16. Bruce: Thank you! Three moves! wow must be hard to find time to unwind. I have seen the work you have done on the WR1, it looks amazing
  17. Thank you, I'll try. I just have to remember not to rush it
  18. Thank you for the reply!, I am going to try 2 part epoxy i think my biggest problem is that the service area to bond is so small
  19. I am trying to put brass mesh on top of intake trumpets. I have tried med CA with no luck Any suggestions
  20. Hi,I am new to the model forum. I have read every page of this thread and I am amazed at the talent and dedication you and others show when they are creating something they are passionate about I am happy to see you are back at it, Maybe I will learn something.
  21. I also got the oil tanks completed. i would have to say the oil cooler, the parts in gloss white where a bear. Trying to fill the seam in the center. thanks for looking coments please!!
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