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  1. Well sir, glad to see you didn’t need a lot of feed back to make your decision. Glad to see you were able to get some time to work on your project. Can’t wait to see what you come up with on the frame.
  2. I like Leno’s car, I’ve seen them with chrome roll bar and black pipes, and the standard chrome and chrome. And here is one that is black and black
  3. That is flat out gorgeous!! Well done my friend
  4. Couple weeks!?... I’m sure if you have the chance it will be done sooner 😉 Arts shop is Scale Pro Shop! I got a couple things for the Porsche from him(braided lines).. I also hope the shows open soon.
  5. Bruce! This is so cool. I am glad you are able to take some time to work on this. I had the same joy on the gauge cluster except the photo etched needles😲 the nice part I think is the aluminum bezels. the wiring is fantastic, well worth the effort. keep it up!!
  6. Great update Tim, it’s a pleasure to watch your work
  7. Thank you Tim. Coming from you, it’s a great compliment 😁
  8. So...I felt like a kid yesterday, waiting for the mail to arrive. After what seemed like a lifetime to get my RB Motion order. I then proceeded to rip into my tiny package and went directly to the work bench to start the process of installing the fittings. I didn’t realize how late it was, until I looked up at the clock and saw it was 1am😲 I didn’t even have half of what I needed to do, finished. I spent most of my Tuesday working on it as well. Enough of my rambling!! Thanks for looking Chris
  9. Bruce.... You have my # 😁 the therapist is very secretive. But if you really need it, give me a ring. You will need this person when the 917-30 gets really going. As for the Cobra, it is coming out fantastic!! I do admire your ability and hope to get to see this in person soon. Keep it in my friend.
  10. Thank you!! Just checked them out, great stuff!
  11. I am looking for a manufacturer, small business or anyone who does or is willing to make 1/12 scale Drag slicks and front tires. I am gathering information and doing research on building a large scale street outlaw style car. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  12. Bruce, your doing a fantastic job on this, I sure hope my Porsche comes out as well as this is! If it was a full size, I would like a ride in it around Lake Tahoe 😉😁
  13. Are you referring to the bottom of the pan? I chose not to, as most of it will be covered when it’s complete. Plus it was easier to paint one color 😉
  14. Thanks again Bruce! Your Ferrari P4 was great inspiration
  15. Tim I think we as a group need to find new adjectives to express how much we feel about your process and ability to recreate parts in such a small scale. I for one admire it and will appreciate it from afar. Keep up the great work my friend! Chris
  16. It took me 4 days to complete, I’m not to happy with the dash. The main gauge cluster is buried and with almost every thing being black it hard to see. Check out the super tiny decals.. oh my god, I went cross eyed putting these on. Not to mention the cold sweat that came over me trying to get them to lay down 😅😅😅
  17. Thank you very much Tim. I still have a long way to go, way too many parts bags to go through 😁
  18. Looking good, making good progress. If you are using the supplied fuel lines, I recommend putting it in some warm water to make it more playable. I used olive oil in the fuel lines to replicate race fuel 😉 keep up the good work!!
  19. Looking great Bruce, now you’re just showing off 🤣
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