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  1. Definatly..but water is its worst enemy....looses its ability to work...the solids settle and can be removed
  2. Not near me you don't! Please guys Do Not BE LAZY ! You can take all of these to your service station, and they will recycle it for you. since you didn't read my first post SSAndy is only 13...He needs to do just as you do...I don't want this in my groundwater, as I use my well not city water I don't think many get it...I work with toxic substances daily...As I am a CPCO..I follow all EPA rules on disposal...triple rinse, etc Fight with me all you want....You do dispose correctly you state...because you must understand the need...As Bill stated Posted Today, 03:56 PM They're far more toxic after being refined. Also, most of the petroleum products are located very deep in the ground, usually well below the water table. By dumping it on the surface, you're putting it right into the water table, even if it seems far enough away from the actual pumping point. Bill Burmeister ASE Certified Master Mechanic
  3. The TS series are lacquers...no oil. Acrylics are thin, need to be well stirred, it may take a couple of coats, but Tamiya acrylics will work over lacquer.....see the door handles?..
  4. Scratch X and Novus #2 are just about the same....I use them both with my lacquer finishes
  5. I'm no bunny hugger......But I do have a well and use it for drinking.....Since these products are no big deal...why don't y'all drink them....???? Isn't that what Brock Lesner did a while back??
  6. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=55926&view=findpost&p=655051
  7. The lettering technique is something I think begs for more practice for me to perfect it once again, and perhaps a posting here, or mebbe an article for the magazine (?) Exellent Idea...go for it!
  8. Gotta agree.....love the flake and shine!
  9. Petroleum based is the key.....Anti Freeze also.........
  10. Dan....You gotta try Donns way. I am a lacquer freak....and love my HOK. I did my first enamel job, using the Yost method...15 color coats, 5 clear with 3 different pearls in it...I think it turned out well...even though it was shot out of my booth....OUTSIDE !!
  11. That was the concept for the J.W.A.C.......1 year to build, your entry was sent to you, and you were to build it as Drawn...Jairus even gave exacting advice on parts he used in his artwork. Only a dozen were ever entered......using photos.... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29522&view=findpost&p=454544 I built this one...
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