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  1. And, you're gonna LOVE this one: totally scratchbuilt Dixie Horn! Not sure if anyone else has done this; if they have, I've never seen it. And here it is installed on the front of the radiator:
  2. Thanks everyone! Next batch here. Soaked all the bumper/grill bits in bleach to remove the chrome. Cleaned up the imperfections on both, and removed the grill from its surround. Used the same passenger-side grill section from another kit to use on the left side since no Charger emblem should be there. Refinished with Alclad II on the bumpers and trim, flat aluminum on the grill tunnels, lots of drybrushing etc on the grill once sprayed flat black, and semigloss on the middle sections where the non-headlight sections are. Scratchbuilt narrow-style push bar.
  3. Thanks everyone! Here, the windshield and other window glass has been tinted with future and food coloring: Scratchbuilt Roll Bar has been made to look like it's padded with tape holding on the padding: And, the interior, including Photoetched steering wheel spokes, scratchbult CB radio, heavily stained flocking for carpeting:
  4. Engine and Engine bay. Replaced Fan belt pullys and belt with aftermarket. Sanded out most detail in engine bay for an insane scratchbuilding job. Again, the bay is black since the "Hero" Generals in the series usually had their bays hastily sprayed black around the engine, plus it would match the storyline of the original color being black and the Dukes painting it after the engine was installed.
  5. Photos to be posted soon. I wanted to put everything I could into the ultimate build, and this one took me about three years of on-and-off work. Seriously. MY G.L. BUILD PHILOSOPHY My main criticism of most GL builds is that they are 'way too immaculate to be an in-use back-roads racing car driven by good-ol-boys on a farm. They always look...well, sterilized comes to mind. Absolutely gorgeous, like they're going for the trophy at a car show, with a car that's never driven except on and off a trailer. Not this one!! -Interior: Agree with many that the darker brown "saddle" color of the earlier series looks better, but a darker interior will hide most great detail. So, cliche though it is, I went with the light tan. HOWEVER I weathered it plenty, with very stained floor carpeting, and some wear on the seats. Scratchbuilt items are a CB radio and a detailed, padded-looking roll bar with tape around the padding. -Engine Bay: Despite most builds painting the engine bay interior orange, indicating a total engine-out restoration, the actual "Hero" Generals had their engine bays hastily painted black around the engine. This would also fit with the storyline of the original color being black. Additionally, I sanded out all the molded on wiring and scratchbuilt the entire engine wiring and detail. When you see these photos you may be shocked. I know I am....not eager to do this again, although it was worth it!! -Underside: Dark primer gray with orange overspray indicating a home-done paint job. Lots wear and some general rusting, with a ton of dust and dirt oversprayed. So much more involved in this build, but those are some of the basic philosophies I followed on this.
  6. MASSIVE amounts, yes! Here are a few in-progress shots:
  7. Kindest thanks folks! Have to say, this was a really fun one! Already leaning toward doing the shorter-lived BMW from the same film.
  8. Up 'til now it was definitely my Red Green Possum Van which I built 13 yrs ago or so. Not sure what the total was, but it entailed TWO Dodge Ram van kits, a couple of MV lenses when they were less known and far more expensive, parts for the wheels and seats, and an obscene amount of time with scratchbuilding. Now it's one which hasn't been started yet, but two kits to become Boss Hogg's Cadillac.
  9. Thanks everyone! Nope, David, wasn't me, I only just joined....no idea who else did it....
  10. Since I'm still getting to know this site and y'all, I might as well post a couple. I mostly do 1/72 military aircraft, but I have a growing fleet of a few treasured road vehicles, with a special appreciation of TV/movie cars. This is "The Monster," the Mustang converted to a war vehicle in the movie "Death Race." Started with the Revell '06 Mustang and went nuts. Movie photo first; the rest are mine.
  11. Fantastic ideas, thanks for all the postings! I'm a musician/music teacher, and in the classroom I use a metal-stringed guitar, and the high "E" string (smallest) is what I use for antennae, although I haven't done any telescoping yet like seen here. The E string is finer than a lot of the fine wire I'm seeing mentioned, and I use it for CB antenae. Once a year at least I change my strings, and I'm still on the first string for my builds; lasts through a huge fleet of builds.
  12. Wow....can just imagine driving into the school parking lot with that (I'm a teacher)....Actually on second thought, I teach in South Tucson in the Spanish barrios, and it just might fit in nicely with the low-riders some folks still drive here
  13. Hi, and greetings from the Desert Southwest of Tucson, Arizona! I mostly build 1/72 aircraft, but one of my greatest projects was posted in here several years back by a kind and appreciative soul in here, namely my Possum Van of the Red Green Show. After it was posted in here it took 3rd at IPMS Nationals in the Automotive Scratchbuild/Conversion category, and last fall it was autographed by its creator, Canadian icon "Red Green" (actor Steve Smith). I do have some recent other automotive projects I'd like to post in the weeks to come as well as gather your amazing expertise for my current one. Best to all! :cheers:
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