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  1. I have always enjoyed the decaling portion of a build .... I kinda find it " soothing" It's also the most frustrating part of the build. Yea, I know , I'm contradicting myself.
  2. That Javalin add gets "First Prize" !!!!!!!!!!!! Now I want one ....
  3. I have been building models since I was 5 years old. (1971) My first 30, or 40 kits were not good, to say the least. By the time I was 10 I had figured it out and had around 150 sitting on my shelves. By the time I was in high school, I figure I had built around 500. But then I discovered something. People would actually PAY me to build stuff. From 1985 to 2010 I had built around 2000. These were the high detail kits you speak of. I now only build for myself ( customers suck.) And only truly detail about half the kits that now cross my bench. I have slowed down a bit and in the last 20 years have maybe completed 150 ??? So, overall, I have built approximately 2550 models.
  4. I kinda like it. Maybe if you "squared" off the rear fenders a bit ,to better mach the front, it would be good? Gotta lose the spoiler tho ...
  5. Been trading up a storm with Sam I am. Never a bad moment when trading with him ! ... Now ,... if only he would stop coming up with stuff I CANNOT live without ...
  6. Pretty sure the Tom Daniel's "Rattler" had a slant 6 in it . And, its previous incarnation the "Horn Toad".
  7. Found it ... however you should see your PMs. You might get the whole kit.
  8. I might have one. Give me a day or so to do some digging , and I will get back to you.
  9. I dont think he's getting PM's I have heard nothing from him
  10. You never got back to me about the kits I had to trade. If you weren't interested in them, I have other kits. Or are you looking for something specific?
  11. Let me look.... I know I have some somewhere .... give me a day or so. I will get back to you by Saturday. (My schedule at work keeps changing so I cant be more spesific.....)
  12. I want it .... but I dont have a Chrysler to trade. What else could you be interested in? ( I know this is gonna cost me a few kits, but, I W A N T IT !!!!!)
  13. How about this one ... kit has been opened, but its all there. never started. What have you got laying around that you want to get rid of ?
  14. In 1975 , I bought a small bottle of their metallic blue paint. The price, ( which was stamped on the bottle at the factory), was 35 cents. That bottle finally went bad in 2016, ( I didn't use it often but I did use it ) Ahhhhhh, memories.....
  15. He got Ozzy Ozbourn in 22 guesses. Took him 56 to get Bruce Lee.
  16. Yep ! I cannot read half the thread title's because their's an ad super-imposed over them.
  17. Queen 1975 or 1976 It was the Sheer Heart Attack tour.
  18. So my wife was doing some gardening..... I thought "yep, ... she's gone off the deep end " ! But, then I noticed that something HAD sprouted... WE"RE GONNA BE R I C H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Sorry to be so late getting back to you. ( The "packrat's" were armed and I had to distract them ...) Is THIS what you'r looking for ? I found it in a bin of bumper's and grill's If this is it, please PM me your address, and I will mail it out to you.
  20. Let me look. I think I have one. I will get back to you tomorrow..... (My shop isn't easy to search ..... unless your a "packrat".... they know where all my parts are..... but their not telling.)
  21. Had a great trade with Sam I Am. Would definitely trade with him any time.
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