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  1. while i made that , i was thinking about: why not an inline 4 engine made the jaguar but it needed in the engine compartment I have two half subaru body so I can test on it
  2. Thanks! I was careless,I didn't noticed that the white stripe on the side isn't a decal. tomorrow I'm doing a test on another part to see is it possible to paint a thin white layer on a deep green basic or i have an other option, it stay green The color : Tamiya TS9 British Green
  3. I started to work on this. The kit is well detailed.(engine,airpipes to the brakes,photoetched parts etc.) There is a lot of work on the body(lots of burrs,the panel lines are not enough deep,the hood doesnt fit everywhere)
  4. very nice and clean l,i like it
  5. Thanks! I have 3 ideas for the wheels: chrome-so its stay original chrome & the middle piece flatblack or full flatblack
  6. I want to build this kit from the box,and I don't add extra details. (except seat belts) The color: Tamiya TS-22 Light Green The body is really nice, there wasn't too much work on it,just on the rear wing need to use a little putty
  7. I also want to order this kit (and the r32-r33 too)I follow this topic
  8. The A pillar is metal but the whole interior made from carbonkevlar and also the body parts
  9. i build this kit with a resin body, so i want use the original tamiya body in this Fujimi kit This is a street Subaru with a wide WRC bodykit I did not want to keep the first air intake on the hood so i used the orignal fujimi hood gets new brakes
  10. Thanks guys! The projekt stoped, because i was waiting for those decals: but the most of the body parts are ready for the polishing
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