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  1. Porsche 911 SC/RS

    I was thinking of building the Singer/ Williams Porsche too! The intakes built into the side glass is Awesome way to handle the volume of air to get into that beast !
  2. Porsche 911 SC/RS

    JC, This is going to be great! I already can feel it! Did you make your car body dolly? I love it how some people on this site have mini garages and gear like there actually assembling in a shop!
  3. Porsche 911 Carrera

    Hi Janne, I’m also working on a Porsche 964 build ! I’m using a Fujimi RSR Body with the revell 911 Turbo interior and engine and chassis! Looks good !
  4. THat latch is next level ! Super-customize Me Please ! Are you still painting the Body Silver-graphite color? Now all we need is a Konessieg Agera Kit! Aoshima get on a licensing deal with Christian pronto!!!!
  5. 1 of 1 Pagani Huayra

    THis is one unique kit ! Nice job !! I can’t wait for mine to come in mail!
  6. Outlaw Porsche 964 build

    Fixing a slight door hinge issue and patching a little bit of door frame I accidentally sanded off a bit too much!
  7. Thanks for showing us how you built the trailer! I’m going to build one for my Porsche to be towed by my Bronco ! Track Days !!!
  8. Yeah, it was from my local Hobby Shop! They usually get stuff super fast and have a ton of Aoshima Lamborghini’s ( all the crazy new ones.) I don’t know what the hold-up is but I might have 2 of them by the end of it because I definitely want to build this one this Summer or fall!! With all the problems you improved, the base kit still looks good! It not model building if there’s not some sort of puzzle to solve!
  9. This is a Super Cool build with all the latches and reconfiguring of mounting points etc to create the kit it should of been. I wonder if Aoshima has stoped production of this kit. Because I order one like 3 months ago and it still hasen’t Come, so I’m just going to buy one off a friend cause he has 5 of them. I,m 1/4 of the way there because I have the photo etch!
  10. The Figoni & Falaschi bug has bitten again

    Pico, Thanks for letting me know about the shapeways process. Again, excellent build and looking forward to seeing the rest of the pieces in this puzzle!
  11. Porsche Panamara

    I might buy this kit 4 the wheels ! What size are they? Good work on your YouTube channel!
  12. 70s bug

    Make a rally car out of it or a Baja Beetle !
  13. The Figoni & Falaschi bug has bitten again

    Those seats are looking sharp! Not much ribbing at all in those prints! How is shapeways to deal with since they do a gradual price bump for the materials every so often? Is that the powdered sintered material?
  14. Mad Max Gigahorse

    This is a Super Intense build! I always thought what a scale build-up of this model would look like and what kits to use since I saw the film. Now I know, and It’s really impressive! Go Gigahorse!!!
  15. Outlaw Porsche 964 build

    Adding some mechanical details to the engine: the tubing is bent in a random way to allow for 2 more rods to be glued on when it’s finally in place ( PITA, but got it done) Also did an oversized distributor and some Aluminum side paneling on engine as best I could ! Quick Update !