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  1. Austin Mini V-Tec rear engine

    Super Cool build Guy, Nice batch of extras your using on this project! Roll cage looks Supurb! Nice blue !
  2. Fully detailed Pagani Huayra....

    Thanks 4 list Dann!!!
  3. Fully detailed Pagani Huayra....

    Wow Dann, , that key holder is impressive ! I was away 4 a bit, but I got my kit the other day so I’m happy! A couple of questions, Did your kit come with 2 bodies, clear styrene and white? Cause mine did! It’s the second run. And what purple paint and silver did you use 4 exhaust and chassis? I know duplicolor, but metal cast or regular automotive selection? Your kit is looking awesome and can’t wait to start mine! Good thing you made all the videos about it! Thanks Dann!!!!!
  4. Lamborghini Reventon

    It’s like 10 or 12 pieces!
  5. Lamborghini Reventon

    Hey Dann, Here’s the snap together parts! I was curious how they put the blue body together, so I decided to squirt some uncure into the seams to see if I could get it apart! Only broke one part of it but I can smooth it out with putty. I think it will be easier to paint in halves especially if I go with the eco boost Lemans version ! Enjoy 😊
  6. Lamborghini Reventon

    I’m total going to try the Pentel scribe! Never thought of doing that. Thanks JC !
  7. Porsche 911 SC/RS

    Nice ! Thanks for the info! Need to get some of those wheels!
  8. Lamborghini Reventon

    Super Cool Dan! Your builds are inspiring and I’m learning lots of stuff! I go side tracked for a bit, but I think I’m going to do the final body work and polishing tonight on my 964 build! Today, I had to run an errand and found 1 of these kits I was looking for and grabbed a couple! I surprised 😲 me how well the body was done ✅. I think it will be a fun build to extend the wing and put mesh in the grates and stuff!
  9. Porsche 911 SC/RS

    Porsche’s look great!! Been wondering how to wire up my engine for my build ? I think I’m going to go for mid 70’s RSR set up, since I can’t find any accurate photos of how the Singer engines are wired and plugged together. Love your builds especially the steely wheels on the back of the rally build!
  10. Ford GT

    This kit looks really great! Can’t find this snap kit anywhere! Found the corvette and mustang kits but no new GT ! I hope the revell GT regular kit comes out soon, but I think that one may be limited too! Can’t wait to see your upgrades!
  11. Lamborghini Reventon

    This is already too funny!!!!! Charmander!! LMAO!!!!
  12. Outlaw Porsche 964 build

    Just fixed the super horriable front suspension off revell 911 Turbo kit chassis I’m using. My kit seems to have 1 shock longer than the other. Both shock assemblies are too short to pin in bottom piece and one side of the bottom was a few mm longer than the other. Any way, just replaced all of it with a simple brass rework!
  13. Lamborghini Reventon

    LAmborghini is missing an opportunity to paint one of these bad boys Picachu Yellow and having Pokemon Go rally across Europe! That would be the real running of the Bulls! I could see a ton of these cars in crazy colours representing all the creatures in a Pokémon Go Lamborghini Edition! I can’t unsee this Now! Good Observation!
  14. Outlaw Porsche 964 build

    Thanks Gary! Just confirmed my choice then! Nice pic of your project! Just finished the Dash and Test fitted last night. I like the look of the center big lug!
  15. Outlaw Porsche 964 build

    Who thinks I should cut off the Watanabee’s lug nuts and center cap and replace it with just one center lug? Paint the lug titanium gold with an aluminum color for the exposed bolt with a black wash?