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  1. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Allan Barton If you want to try again, make sure you get a 1987 or earlier version. The tooling that was created in 1958 is pretty worn now. Not saying your still going to have to fiddle to get it to work.
  2. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Calling Attempt No. 3 done. 20200531_210346.mp4
  3. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Today's progress, valves and pistons operating by the electric motor. 20200530_190921.mp4h up h up 20200530_190921.mp4
  4. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Heads and short block done. Need to straighten out the camshaft. Enough fiddling for today.
  5. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    posted in error, deleted
  6. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Visible V8 attempt No. 1. First attempt when I was a kid and what's left. (1960 copyright ) Attempt No. 2 as a teenager (copyright date of kit unknown) Resurrected it about 10 years ago and made it into a painted non-functioning display. (too many broken parts to save). Took it out of storage yesterday and freshenend it up. Attempt No. 3. New in the box purchased off of Craig's list for $100 about 5 years ago. This is the 1987 copyright motorized version. Some flaws that need correcting that were learned over the years. Make sure camshaft is free of mold marks, add upper cam bearing caps (see second pic of second attempt) , round off bottom of lifters, add thrust washers to remove play in camshaft. Here is a pic of the upper camshaft bearing support used to keep the cam from flexing
  7. With a little finagaling and file got the wall frame to fit. Planning to use clear plastic cut from Costco croissant containers to fill the openings in the wall.
  8. Cut out the base for the two post lift. The ribs of the lift base are the same height as the elevation of the garage floor so it sits flush.😁
  9. Mike, thx for the links. Did look at dollhouse furniture. The shapeways items are more detailed.
  10. Started mocking up the walls for the garage diorama. Its a mixture of the MRC garage kit and the AMT accessory kits. Not using the period rail lift that came with the garage kit, instead planning to cut out the floor and recess the base for the two post lift. May make it an outside lift like the one we had when I worked as a mechanic. The office will have a scratch built L-shaped counter. Need to locate and order some office furniture and bathroom fixtures. The bathrooms are the two small rooms. The size may be adjusted once the fixtures are spotted which may make the back room larger. The roof may be a sheet of clear plastic. Also need to make a rear and side wall as the kit does not come with those parts. Using foam core purchased at Dollar Tree for the walls.
  11. The AMT container trailer Americanized by reducing the wheelbase spacing, using wheels/tires from the Lindbergh flatbed trailer, deleting the spare tire rack, adding mudflaps, clearance lights, and taillight panels. To be pulled by this tractor.
  12. Built this when it first came out, restored in 2016.
  13. Some emergency vehicles
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