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  1. Mack Cruiseliner

    Completed the Wilson livestock trailer today. The rollup door took a little trimming to fit and a some silicone lube to ease it along.
  2. I had an old can dated 2011. When sprayed it had metallic flakes in the paint and produced a pretty good chrome look. Used it all and bought a new can today, what a disappointment, more grey than chrome. Also had a different odor. Thanks EPA.
  3. Mack Cruiseliner

    Rick, rental contract is in the mail. Thx for the compliments. In the works is the livestock trailer to finish the rig.
  4. Nothingasfineasw9 It is painted with an industrial paint.
  5. Mack Cruiseliner

    Finished today. Made the Ryder version so it can be used to haul various trailers. Had some fun getting the exhaust and intake air tubes to fit but after some surgery it all went together. Not an easy build. Stripped and painted the wheels white for that rental truck look.
  6. Mack Cruiseliner Build Question

    BuilderX, No problem
  7. Mack Cruiseliner Build Question

    Driptroit71: Thx, The problem is the instructions are wrong, it can't be assembled as shown, no room and the drag link won't line up. The part with the red arrow in the attached pic is upside down and the flat part marked with the Orange arrow should be glued to the axel, not the box as shown. See pics. I don't see any other way to get the drag link to line up.
  8. Mack Cruiseliner Build Question

    Never mind, figured it out. Had to trim some molded in detail to get it to fit. Another question, where does the steering box go? The instructions show it attached to the front axel???????
  9. Hi,

    Great build so far.

    Slight problem with my build.


    Do you have a pic of the front engine mount to the frame?  The instructions are a little vauge.



  10. Started to build and ran into a problem with the engine mount. The kit instructions are kind of vague. Anyone have a pic showing the fitment of the mount to the frame? Thx
  11. Added an escort vehicle to the oversized load. Made the light bar for the suburban snap kit from scraps.
  12. Great Dane Extendable Flatbed

    Complete th DM800 to go with the trailer. Overall length is 3 feet.
  13. Tbill, Used duplicolor perfect match universal chrome purchased at advanced auto parts.