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  1. This was the two kits in one box offering.
  2. Box stock except for tire decals.
  3. Restoration done. A little concern with the red in the decal sheet, it looked to maroon. Turns out they were translucent and became a bright red when applied. Also, during the resto built a companion Ramcharger Dodge Challenger.
  4. Restoration of my originally built 1970 Ramchargers Dodge Dart Funny Car. Time , about 50 years, and wear took a toll of the original decals (cracked and yellowed)and unpainted body. The chassis was in good shape, all it took was some touch ups with a Molotow pen. A dip in the Easy-Off pool took care of the original decals. SMH decals will replace them. Next is prime and paint.
  5. More CV builds 1965 Mustang 1967 Olds 442 1994 Alternomad 1970 Buick GSX
  6. Additional builds 1994 Ford Lightning Hubley 1931 Model A pickup.
  7. I wrapped the base of my Tamia stand with plastic food wrap to prevent paint build up.
  8. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Finished 20200630_190351.mp4
  9. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Next up is this Smithsonian 4 cyl. kit purchased in DC years ago. From what I've read, the new kits on Amazon use a more brittle plastic that splits when the assembly screws are installed. The plastic in this kit is softer so we will see.
  10. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Allan Barton If you want to try again, make sure you get a 1987 or earlier version. The tooling that was created in 1958 is pretty worn now. Not saying your still going to have to fiddle to get it to work.
  11. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Calling Attempt No. 3 done. 20200531_210346.mp4
  12. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Today's progress, valves and pistons operating by the electric motor. 20200530_190921.mp4h up h up 20200530_190921.mp4
  13. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    Heads and short block done. Need to straighten out the camshaft. Enough fiddling for today.
  14. Joe Thomas

    Big V8s

    posted in error, deleted
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