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  1. Just seeing this now Great stuff enjoying learning thru your posts . 1 question for you I remember building this a few years ago and I’m not sure what I did wrong but the cab did not sit right at all ? Any ideas what I may have done wrong ? Again this s looking great .rob
  2. Thank you very much for the info I appreciate it . Yes when I get back to building 5his will be my first tamiya kit let alone my first 1/12 scale kit . I also have 1/12 scale Honda , Tyrell six wheeler and the Johnny player car looking forward to the challenge might try to upgrade a few parts along the way . The Tyrell and hond came with the photoetch pieces as well . That will be a whole learning experience LOL will be watching this thread for sure . Thanks rob
  3. Hello I have this kit and am always scared to start it so thanks for explaining thing in detail this is looking great ,, can i ask where you get the metal bolts you are using to replace the plastic ones big Improvment!,,,,, and I’m guessing you just sand down or drill out the plastic ones to replace with the metal ones ? Thanks for any info . Rob
  4. Thank you both for the info will be checking things out .
  5. Hi all i am definitely Not mechanically inclined is ther somewhere that sells everything i would need to detail the engine in this kit without breaking the bank when i get back to the hobby I’d like to gat into this kit .
  6. Thanks for the info that’s one thing i don’t think I’m going to be able to paint lol
  7. Thanks for the info looking forward to your progress
  8. Awesome build ... if i can can i ask how you got the ford on the engine to look like that ? Thanks rob
  9. that’s a nice build and the detailed painting process will be a big help to many
  10. Wow looks great no idea of the process your using to make the rivets do you feel like a little more detailed of you process ? Thanks rob . Looking forward to your project
  11. I think it looks great looking forward to your stingray build please post pics .
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