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  1. I have an R75/6 in 1:1 scale in the garage. The color is "Monza Blue" same as the /5 you are building. Doing great so far. I would like to get one, but I have to say the spokes scare me, and I would want to do a /6 like mine. Not too different, except different gauges, different handlebar controls for the lights and such, and disc brake in front as opposed to the drum brake.
  2. I worked in a Blockbuster. You nailed it. Great work.
  3. Ferrari heat shielding has a waffling pattern to it. I found that the foil liners on Marlboro cigarette packs is a very close scale match. When I calculated it is was with an 1/4 inch. I had a buddy that still smoked and had him save me a few. Goes on very easily with white glue, or rubber cement. It has been responsible for at least two wins in shows that I know of, the overall look is stunning. Good luck with the rest of the build the start is amazing.
  4. I am building a Black widow right now. Having issues with foil, I think mine is too old and not sticking as well as it should. Thinking I should just paint it. But this is a great resource, thanks!
  5. I have that kit. It may move to the top of the list, but I am really itching to build either Tim Flock's Hudson or Chrysler 300 from Moebius.
  6. Back in 1970 I was 6, but I had two older sisters. My father worked at a Harley dealership. Dad brought home the model and we built it as a family project. My oldest sister who was 14 at the time had built quite a few model, and she was good at it. She took the lead, and they let me do real simple stuff. Dad took the built one in and put it in the display case. Someone came in and asked about it, and Dad showed him the kit. He didn't want a kit, he wanted the one in the case. Dad made what he thought was a silly expensive price, and the guy paid. So he brought home another kit. Meanwhile my other sister who was 11 thought that the plastic sleeping bag looked crappy, so her and my Mom went about making them out of cloth. They also started doing something with the seat (I forget exactly what to make them look more realistic). We started to crank them out, Dad wound up selling every single one. Probably my first memory of modeling. Sorry for the hijack. You are doing a great job on the rebuild.
  7. I am building a 1959 Impala that David Pearson Drove. I have the decals and the street version of the car. What I need is pictures of the roll cage and the interior so I can scratch build what I need. Thanks for helping.
  8. It is true, I remember watching races on TV. When incar cameras first started. You could see him, and a few others lighting up under caution.
  9. Tamiya kits and paints are just fabulous. You are doing a great job with the car,
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