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  1. I have used open type boxes in the past, however the fans never collected all of the fumes, and my wife complained of violent headaches every time I painted a car. She can not use nail polish either. SO that was why I wanted to go fully enclosed.
  2. New Club in Central PA!

    Is this still going on? I am a bit East but I would love to come out and join some fellow modellers.
  3. So for years I have wanted a paint booth and I have seen various ways to make one. But I got my new Harbor Freight catalog the other day and spied this. I am thinking of mounting a sparkless fan on the left side outlet. It is made for blasting media, but I think I would work well for a nice dustfree paint environment. What do you all think? I can get everything I need for under $100, which is pretty nice.
  4. Very cool. I have a friend with a CT-90 addiction. He is up to 4 now. One is restored others are in the process, and he is always looking for more. Amazing original survivor!
  5. Dick Mann's Daytona Winner Honda

    I believe that the head is correct now, but the valve cover is backwards. The exhaust needs four holes, and I originally had that glued on the engine cases wrong. I fixed that, but the valve cover is now wrong. (You can see that I fixed the one issue from the first picture of the engine, to the ones with the carbs. The instructions are not very clear with this kit, and that can be very frustrating.
  6. John Deere 4040 tractor

    The rack of weights looks great, impressive that you made them. I also really like the weathering on the tires. Great work, thanks for sharing!
  7. Revell Williams FW19 decals

    I searched the scalemates database and there are no reported decals sets out there. Unfortunately most F1 kits are 1:20 so using those decals typically will not work. So you could search Ebay.
  8. Constitution Class Starship

    Really nice build of this kit. I have a buddy that built the same kit but added LED lights inside the hull and the engine sections. He then ran the wires down to the base through the ship. Engineering that in during the build was a feat. He could then control the lights and it looked really good in a mostly dark room. Great job!
  9. Complete: Casey Stoner's 2006 LCR Honda RC211V

    I have built a couple of Valentino Rossi's Hondas. Great kits. Always seems a shame to me to cover up all of that great detail under the fairing. Great job!
  10. Dick Mann's Daytona Winner Honda

    Got the tubing attached to the carbs and set up on the intake. The tubing is a little undersized for the size of the nubs they want you to put them on, but after a bit I was able to get them on.
  11. Dick Mann's Daytona Winner Honda

    I picked it up at my local Hobbytown (which is sadly closing) and they had another. It is a reissue, so I believe it is fairly available.
  12. Treated myself to a new kit yesterday as a re-entry into modeling. I was very active for many years, but my eyesight was deteriorating and it made modeling difficult. This summer I had surgery to correct my "young-person's cataracts" and viola! I can see again. Dick Mann was quite a character and I got to meet him a few times as he was friends with my parents. He ran this bike as a privateer without much factory support. This kit is a bit odd as it is in 1:8 scale which I never worked with before. I am building it box stock, although I will be painting parts different colors than directed because they were not correct. Here is the kit, it is a reissue of a classic MPC kit. The color as shown is wrong, the bike was a sort of orange/brown color, not red. I might have a difficult time getting a color I am happy with. Wheels and tires done. I was thinking of adding valve stems, but nope, this is a box stock build! This bugs me a lot. Race engines are not chromed, and I know for a fact it wasn't on this bike. What to do? I think I will build it, try to make it better with some washes. If I am still not happy I will strip the chrome off and paint it the proper aluminum color. Let me know what you think.
  13. Is that Ossa a 1:1 or a scale model. Not very common but very cool. I have a 1:1 TY250A Yamaha Trials bike. Love the dirt!
  14. Hello all, I am John a 54 year old living in Berks County PA. I recently had eye surgery and I can see well enough again to actually work on models. I was a very active member on Brian's Model Cars but alas that is no more. I most build racing vehicles, as that is where my interests typically lie. I build 1:20 scale F1 cars, and 1:12 or 1:6 scale motorcycles. I own three 1:1 bikes and have a lot of interest in bikes.
  15. Hello from Pottsville Pennsylvania

    Hello, not too far south of you in Berks Co.